Enjoy Hokkaido's Vast Nature to the Fullest Noboribetsu and Toya in Hokkaido:
A trip around hot spring and
gourmet towns

Noboribetsu and Toya are full of scenic spots offering magnificent Mother Nature's blessings and healing

Noboribetsu and Toya in southwestern Hokkaido consist of seven cities and towns. The area is chock-full of mysterious scenic spots created by movements of the earth's crust, where you can fully sense the gifts of nature. Why not take a body and soul healing trip to the baths in a hot spring zone where nature's fresh ingredients await?

(map) Noboribetsu, Toya Noboribetsu Toya

Big Fight Matsumoto (Managed Fishing Ground)

Enjoy fishing for succulent trout produced by generations of natural breeding, right in the heart of Hokkaido's vast natural expanse. After fishing, a great way to wash away the tiredness of travel is a visit to the Kitayuzawa Onsen, which is just 30 minutes away by car. Numerous hot spring inns dot the banks of the gorge which the Osaru River flows through.

Scallop farming tour at Toyoura fishing port

On offer is an experience tour to observe scallop farming and a fish auction (fees apply; advance reservations required). For lunch, fill your stomach with fresh scallops, a specialty product of Toyoura, at a well-known restaurant. Tennen Toyoura Onsen Shiosai, a nearby natural hot spring resort with its distinctive cruise ship like facade, offers day pass entry to its hot spring baths.

Illumination Tunnel

This event is held only in winter, in Lake Toya's lively event plaza. Approximately 400,000 bulbs light up the 70-meter tunnel. (Please check the website for the event dates.) There are plenty of hot spring inns drawing from the Lake Toya hot springs on the southern shore of Lake Toya. The view from their open air baths is breathtaking.

Mount Showa Shinzan

Showa Shinzan, which is designated a National Natural Monument, was created by Mount Usu's eruption in 1943. Restaurants and souvenir shops line the foot of the mountain. A visit to the bear ranch is recommended. Enjoy a healing soak in the lakeside baths drawing from the Lake Toya and Sobetsu hot springs.

Cape Chikyu (Cape Chikyu Observation Deck)

Cape Chikyu juts out from the southernmost edge of the Etomo Peninsula, and is a prominent national scenic spot. It offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from its cliff-top observation deck. 20 minutes away by car from Cape Chikyu is the Hakucho Ohashi Bridge, which, at 1,380 meters long, is the largest suspended bridge in eastern Japan.

Noboribetsu Onsen Townscape

The Noboribetsu Onsen is Hokkaido's leading hot spring, and it never fails to enter the top ten in the national hot spring rankings. When in Noboribetsu's hot spring town, naturally, a visit to the baths is a must. Also recommended are nearby sightseeing spots such as Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Hell Valley), and Oyu Numagawa Tennen Ashiyu (a natural footbath).

Upopoy (symbolic space for ethnic harmony)

At Upopoy, Ainu history and culture is learned and handed down. Watch traditional Ainu dances and other traditional performing arts displays, and experience workshops in Ainu cooking techniques, wood carving, and embroidery. Nearby, enjoy the high-quality, 100% hot-spring sourced waters of the Kojohama Onsen, which boasts an abundant flow of spring water.

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How to Get There

The trip from Tokyo (Haneda/Narita) to New Chitose Airport takes approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes. Rent a car to get around the Noboribetsu and Toya area conveniently.

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