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Step into a city rich in nature and international culture as the setting of Japan’s opening to the rest of the world in modern history

Located about an hour from Tokyo, Yokosuka is filled with historical and cultural sites of modern Japanese history as well as places to enjoy nature. The city features various well-preserved Japan Heritage cultural assets. Surrounded by the ocean on the east and west, Yokosuka is warm in winter and cool in summer, which makes it an ideal destination for enjoying seasonal flowers and delicious cuisine in a natural environment rich in greenery.

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Verny Park

The harbor front park features a beautiful fountain and French-style garden with over 100 varieties of roses. The park overlooks Yokosuka Port, with a view of the U.S. Naval Base and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force District Headquarters. Inside the park is the Thibaudier Residence, a tourism center of the city where visitors can learn about the history of Japan’s modernization.

Sarushima Island (Japan Heritage)

Sarushima Island is the only natural and uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay, with various outdoor activities offered throughout the year. In addition to the lush green forests, the island preserves historical relics such as brick tunnels, ammunition chambers and the artillery battery remains, which is designated as a National Historic Site.

Fushimi Hakuseki Inari Shrine

After stepping through the first torii gate and climbing the mountain path, suddenly you will encounter a succession of over 50 vermillion torii gates. Enshrining the same deity of the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, the shrine’s mystical atmosphere might make you feel spirited away as if in an anime story.

East and West Kano Shrine and Uraga Harbor crossing

The two Kano Shrines face one another with Uraga Port in between, which can be crossed on a ferryboat. The shrines are known as power spots, and when a magatama bead from West Kano Shrine is carried in a pouch from East Kano Shrine, it is said to bring luck in matchmaking.

Kannonzaki Park (Japan Heritage)

Enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the varied rocky stretches and the sandy beaches situated on a cape extending into Tokyo Bay. In addition, Kannonzaki Lighthouse, the country’s first Western-style lighthouse, the Yokosuka Museum of Art with a fantastic view and popular restaurants make this an enchanting area to visit.

Akiya and Tateishi Coasts

Many natural coastlines remain along the Akiya and Tateishi Coasts. The scenic viewpoint of Tateishi against the backdrop of Mount Fuji is at its most beautiful when the sky is glowing with the setting sun. The view from this area with Mount Fuji in the distance was portrayed by the renowned Edo-period (1603–1868) landscape artist Ando Hiroshige.

Sukajan Jacket

Sukajan, or “souvenir jackets,” are bomber jackets featuring elaborate embroidery that were originally made popular by American sailors stationed in Japan, who prized them as souvenirs. They were especially popular on Dobuita Street in Yokosuka, where many stores sold them to American sailors. Today, they attract attention around the world and are worn by well-known athletes.

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