Remote Islands in Okinawa Ishigaki, Taketomi and Iriomote: Japanese Tropical Islands

Experience the nature of the southern islands and unwind in the high-end resorts

It is recommended that you visit the remote islands of Okinawa which are surrounded by the beautiful sea all year round by first getting to Ishigaki Airport. The average annual temperature here is 24.3°C. Snorkel around and simply enjoy the lavish time in the luxury resorts at Ishigaki. Roam around the streets on Taketomi Island which are lined with beautiful red-tiled roofs and white sandy paths. Experience the extraordinary with your stay in one of the private villas at HOSHINOYA. Explore the mangroves that thrive in subtropical nature on Iriomote Island.

(map) Ishigaki, Taketomi, Iriomote Ishigaki Taketomi Iriomote

Kabira Bay

Famous for its diving spot called Manta Scramble, which is known for its high probability in encountering manta rays. Visitors can also snorkel here and take in the spectacular sight of islands floating on the sea which appears blue and emerald green at different times.

Ishigaki Food and Awamori

Includes high quality Ishigaki beef and tropical pineapples. Awamori, the local sake on the island, is also something that visitors should not miss out on.

Ishigaki Stalactite Cave

The largest stalactite cave on Japan's southernmost island of Ishigaki lets you observe shining stalactites and dreamy sparkles of cave illuminations.

Ishigaki-yaki Pottery

Blue pottery which is representative of the Okinawan Sea. It is perfect as a souvenir and visitors can also try making the pottery themselves.

HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island

A mere 10-minute ferry ride from Ishigaki. Heal yourself amid the beautiful streets filled with red-tiled roofs and white sandy paths on this remote island. Stay at HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island which has a traditional Okinawan architectural design and relax under the starry sky along the strums of the island's sanshin.

Nakama River Mangrove Cruise

Iriomote Island is covered with jungles and mangroves. On the banks of the Nakama River, which is famous for having one of the most robust mongrove forests in Japan, you may have a chance encounter with a blue hermit crab, which cannot be found anywhere else.

Pinaisara Falls

Embark on a trek from the basin to the top of the Pinaisara Falls, the highest in Okinawa at 53 meters. The view from the top of the falls overlooking the expansive mangrove forests is breathtakingly beautiful.

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