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Environmental Initiatives

Toward Becoming a Leading Eco-Friendly Airline

ANA Group Environmental PrinciplesWhile performing its role as a public transportation provider, the ANA Group strives to continue to co-exist with the global environment to help build a sustainable society. Starting from a humble recognition of our own environmental impact, we constantly consider and address the challenge of what we can do for people and the planet. We also actively work to share our consideration for the global environment with our stakeholders.

Environmental Conservation Activities Unique to ANA

ECO FIRSTTo achieve the targets of the ANA Group Ecology Plan (2008-2011), the ANA Group has undertaken environmental conservation activities with the awareness and teamwork of every employee. In 2008, the ANA Group became the airline and transport industry’s first certified Eco-First company. We will continue to conduct forwardlooking activities unique to ANA with the cooperation of stakeholders and local communities. In addition to global warming countermeasures centered on CO2 reduction, these initiatives include the ANA Carbon Offset Program aimed at regenerating Japan’s forests, e-flights to consider the global environment together with customers, “3R” (reduce, reuse and recycle) activities, participation in forestation and coralregeneration programs, and the introduction of biofuels.

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