The ANA Group has constructed a compliance system for the entire group based on the ANA Group Compliance Regulations in order to promote compliance with laws and regulations as well as other standards in its business activities. CSR Promotion Leaders are the driving force behind the compliance system.
ANA Holdings has clearly identified contact points between Legal & Insurance and group companies in order to establish a system that facilitates communication between both parties. At the same time, ANA Holdings provides information on a range of laws and regulations, including legislation related to air transport, the Anti-Monopoly Act, and labor laws, to each group company on an individual basis. In addition, the ANA Group has established the ANA Group Anti-Bribery Rules to address the anti-bribery laws of various countries. In parallel, ANA Holdings has clearly identified contact points between Legal & Insurance and the Group's overseas branches. In these and other ways, the Group is focusing on minimizing legal risk on a global level and strengthening measures to prevent incidents that could lead to a decrease in corporate value.

Internal Reporting System

ANA Holdings has set out Group regulations concerning the handling of internal reporting as subordinate rules to the ANA Group Compliance Regulations, and has established contact points both inside and outside the company. A helpline is available to all executives and employees, including temporary personnel. The privacy of the caller and its relevant parties is protected, with the assurance that no punitive measures will be taken against those who seek consultation or cooperate in confirming facts.
The group has also commissioned consultation services at an outside law firm. We make employees aware of the consultation services available through methods such as displaying posters within the group and distributing stickers.

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