Depicting a sustainable growth trajectory for the ANA Group towards the post-COVID era.

Koji Shibata
President and CEO

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support.

I am Koji Shibata, and I have been appointed as the new President and CEO of ANA HOLDINGS INC. from April 1, 2022, succeeding Shinya Katanozaka.

As the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19 has been felt around the world, I believe it is my mission to restore the ANA Group's business performance as quickly as possible and to depict a sustainable growth trajectory for our group.

"Safety" is the most important factor of the ANA Group's business operations. It has been the foundation of our business since the company was founded, and as our responsibility to society, we must continue to pay the utmost attention to safety in any business environment.

I also believe that our employees are what makes everything possible. It is crucial that the "Mission Statement" and "Vision" of the Group are shared widely with our employees through constant dialogues, and that the action plan to embody the vision is understood, thereby increasing empathy and engagement.

"Mutual respect" is a word that I constantly have in mind. Mutual respect - "the more we understand each other, the more honest our communications will be", is a guiding principle for me as an executive not only in my relationships with our employees, but with our business partners as well as our valued customers.

Eyeing an exit from the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the question is how we can take action towards the post-COVID era. For the airline business, which is the central pillar of the ANA Group's business, it is important that we accurately respond to the changing needs of our customers. In addition to the full-service ANA brand and LCC Peach, the newly launched AirJapan brand will enable customers to choose from a variety of brands and services with a "depth" of options to suit their needs. In addition, cooperation with overseas partners such as "Star Alliance" members will become even more important as we expand our global network in the post-COVID era in light of the declining population in Japan.

On the other hand, it is also true that the COVID-19 pandemic made us aware of the vulnerability of our unbalanced business portfolio in which we relied heavily on the airline business. avatarin solves various social issues based on advanced technology. ANA NEO is responsible for the development of metaverse - the "SKY WHALE" virtual platform. We are also committed to the development of next-generation air mobility systems such as drones and flying cars. It is important to grow such "new value businesses" with profitability that support the mainstay aviation business. In addition to the growth of these individual businesses, we will build a platform that will enable our customers to circulate within the ANA Group's economic sphere, thereby raising the level of the Group's business as a whole.

This year, ANA Group marks the 70th anniversary of its foundation. The reason why our company, which started with only two helicopters, has been able to overcome so many difficulties is because of the support from our customers and stakeholders, as well as the efforts of our superiors to protect the safety of our customers and to constantly take on new challenges.

Even in the post-COVID era, I strongly believe that the airline network we have built and the services we are able to provide to our customers are indispensable to society. It is my mission to convey this belief to the dedicated employees of the ANA Group, and get us back on the growth trajectory.

April 1, 2022
ANA Holdings Co., Ltd.
Koji Shibata, President and CEO