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We will continue solidifying the foundation of our business through a comprehensive review of safety and quality/service

Photo:President and CEO Sinya Katanozaka

 We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the support you have provided.

 In the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2019, ANA Group posted the highest operating revenues on record for the first quarter in the airline business, our main area of operations. We solidly met the steady demand for business travel and inbound tourism in the international passenger services and domestic passenger services as well as the demand for cargo originating both in Japan and overseas in international cargo operations. At the same time, factors including increased fuel costs due to rising crude oil prices and the increase in expenses associated with our comprehensive review of safety, quality/service resulted in lower operating income, ordinary income, and net income attributable to owners of ANA HOLDINGS INC. compared to a year earlier.

 This fiscal year marks the second year of the period we designated for "comprehensive review of safety, quality, and service." We continue to solidify the foundation of our business with safety as our top priority as originally planned, and this effort is proceeding smoothly. In connection with this, we sincerely apologize to our customers, as well as to our shareholders and investors, for any inconvenience, trouble, or concern we have caused by the flight cancellations from July onwards associated with the inspection and maintenance of the Rolls Royce engines used on our Boeing 787s. We believe that the effect of this on our financial results will be negligible.

 ANA Group will continue to strive to meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors from the second quarter onwards by working to increase the profitability of all of our businesses, and we would like to ask for your continued support.

President and CEO
Sinya Katanozaka