FY2022 Financial Results

Achieving full year profitability, for the first time in three years since the global pandemic started

  • The environment in the airline industry is improving rapidly, with domestic flights seeing an easing of activity restrictions and international flights seeing countries ease their entry restrictions.
    Under these economic conditions, operating revenues increased from the previous year reaching \1,707.4 billion (up 67.3% year-on-year). Operating income was \120.0billion (operating loss \173.1 billion same period a year ago), an ordinary income of ¥111.8 billion (ordinary loss ¥184.9 billion same period a year ago), and net income attributable to owners of the parent of ¥ 89.4 billion (net loss attributable to owners of the parent ¥143.6 billion same period a year ago).

Consolidated Financial Summary (Years ended March)

Consolidated Financial Summary (Billion yen)
FY2021 (Results) FY2022 (Results) Difference Change (%)
Operating Revenues 10,203 17,074 6,871 67.3
Operating Expenses 11,934 15,874 3,940 33.0
Operating Income minus1,731 1,200 2,931
Non-Op. Gains/Losses minus118 minus82 35 29.6
Recurring Income minus1,849 1,118 2,967
Extraordinary Gains/Losses 95 25 70
Net Income minus1,436 894 2,331
EBITDA*1 minus257 2,643 2,901
  1. *1.EBITDA = Op. Income + Depreciation and Amortization

Operating Income and Net Income

FY2018 Op.Income 165.0 Billion, Net Income 110.7 billion. FY2019 Op.Income 60.8 Billion, Net Income 27.6 billion. FY2020 Op.Income -464.7 Billion, Net Income -404.6 billion. FY2021 Op.Income -173.1 Billion, Net Income -143.6 billion. FY2022 Op.Income 12.0 Billion, Net Income 89.4 billion.
(Years ended March)

FY2023 Earnings Forecast (Announced on April 27, 2023)

In terms of future outlook, the Japanese economy is expected to slowly recover as pandemic restrictions are relaxed and socioeconomic activity normalizes. Meanwhile, some economic instability is expected due to high international energy prices and monetary tightening in Europe and North America.
In the airline business, demand for domestic flight is expected to recover mainly in the leisure sector and other flights, while for international flights, a continued recovery is expected for demand for visits to Japan and business demand. Still, there are geopolitical risks by the Ukraine issues and these trends needs to be monitored closely.
Under these circumstances, the ANA Group will reliably execute our “FY2023-2025 ANA Group Mid-term Corporate Strategy” as published on February 15, 2023, and aim for our new management vision of achieving “Uniting the World in Wonder”. With our airline business as our core business, we will work to diverse various new ways to connect new communities with each other, while placing a high priority on employee well-being and providing new value that closely serves our customers and communities.

Consolidated Financial Forecast

Unit: million yen (rounded down)

FY2022 Forcast for FY2023 Differnce
Operating revenues 17,074 19,700 2,625
Operating income 1,200 1,400 199
Ordinary income 1,118 1,150 31
Net income attributable to owners of the parent 894 800 minus94