FY2018 Financial Results

Operating revenues and Operating income reaching record levels for the fourth consecutive year.

  • Consolidated results for the fiscal year show operating revenues of ¥2,058.3 billion and operating income of ¥ 165.0 billion due to an increase in revenues mainly in air transportation, reaching record levels for the fourth consecutive year. Meanwhile, ordinary income was ¥ 156.6 billion due to an increase in the disposal of maintenance parts. As a result of the extraordinary income, etc. recorded during the previous fiscal year due to the inclusion of Peach Aviation Limited as a consolidated subsidiary, net income attributable to owners of the parent was ¥ 110.7 billion.

Consolidated Financial Summary (Years ended March)

  FY2017 (Results) FY2018 (Results) Difference Change (%)
Operating Revenues 1,971.7 2,058.3 +86.6 +4.4
Operating Expenses 1,807.2 1,893.2 +86.0 +4.8
Operating Income 164.5 165.0 +0.5 +0.3
Non-Op. Gains/Losses △3.8 △8.3 △4.5 -
Recurring Income 160.6 156.6 △4.0 △2.5
Extraordinary Gains/Losses 36.0 △2.6 △38.6 -
Net Income 143.8 110.7 △33.1 △23.0
EBITDA * 314.9 324.5 +9.6 +3.1

* EBITDA = Op. Income + Depreciation and Amortization

Operating Income and Net Income

(Years ended March)

FY2019 Earnings Forecast (Announced on April 26, 2019)

  • The ANA Group is implementing the following measures to realize the strategic vision of "Becoming the World's Leading Airline Group" in accordance with "FY2018-2022 ANA Group Corporate Strategy" launched in February 2018.
  • The Company recognizes that providing returns to shareholders is an important management issue, and based on the desire to enchance further shareholder's return while securing funds for investment in growth aimed at medium- to long-term corporate value and maintaining sound finances, the Company will increase dividends by 15 yen from the previous fiscal year to 75 yen per share this fiscal year.
    In regard to the dividends for the next period, the Company plans to pay a dividend of 75 yen per share after accomplishing the challenges in the "Mid-Term Corporate Strategy for FY2018-2022"
  FY2018(Result) FY2019(Forecast) Difference
Operating Revenues 2,058.3 2,150.0 +91.7
Operating Income 165.0 165.0 △0
Recurring Income 156.6 160.0 +3.4
Net Income 110.7 108.0 △2.7
Dividends Per Share (¥) 75 75 △0