As of Mar. 2015

Market Environment

Eyeing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Japanese government aims to increase the inbound visitors to Japan to 30 million by 2030. Additional slots at Tokyo metropolitan airports and improvevement in airport acsess are expected to capture the increasing demand. Although the labor force and productivity is shrinking in Japan caused by the falling birth rate and the aging population, the continuing rapid pace of Asian economic growth and deregulation of airline industry in ASEAN market will provide tailwinds to airline industry in Japan and Asia and it will expect to lead expansion of the business for the ANA Group.

Market Environment

Corporate Strategy

To tie these growth opportunities to make actual profit, the ANA Group will aim to become a truly tough airline group which is resistance to any environmental changes and build a foundation for group management which encourage sustainable growth.

Corporate Strategy of the ANA Group

Profit Plan (Fillings on January 30, 2015)

We will carry out the operating income plan of ¥85.0 billion in FY2014 and ouline the vision for ¥200.0 billion in FY2025 including the favorable effect of the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. We will maintain healthy financial condition and stable profitability to ensure shareholder's returns while developing resilience to environmantal changes.

Profit Plan