A business continuity plan (BCP) determines in advance responses to hypothetical large-scale disasters to enable rapid decisions and systematic operations in the confusion following a disaster. The ANA Group has prepared and periodically reviews comprehensive manuals that will help the group fulfill its mission as a public transportation institution by constructing a rapid response system for restoring service even in the event of an earthquake in the Tokyo area that causes catastrophic damage.

Main Achievements in Fiscal Year 2013

  • Commenced operation of a new disaster backup facility
  • Implemented regular drills on the use of the safety confirmation system, which can be used to confirm the safety of all group executives and employees and their families, in a short span of time
  • Deployed disaster-prevention radios and satellite phones and increased stockpiles at the Head Office and in major airport areas
  • Raised awareness by issuing in-house publications to all group executives and employees every other month

Amid strong concerns over the potential occurrence of a chain of earthquakes from the Tokai to Nankai regions, we will continue to steadily enhance response capabilities through means including periodic training exercises.