Safety is the foundation of the ANA Group management and maintaining safety is the unequivocal mission of every business of the ANA Group, regardless of business category or brand. Within these areas, employees in all categories work together for flight safety, for which mutual understanding and reliance are essential.
Toward that end, we display the ANA Group Safety Principles and Course of ANA Group Safety Action, which are pledges shared by all ANA Group employees at every ANA Group workplace to build a strong awareness of safety in daily duties and this forms the cornerstone of our activities.

about ANA Group Safety Principles

Safety is our promise to the public and is the foundation of our business.

Safety is assured by an integrated management system and mutual respect.

Safety is enhanced through individual performance and dedication.

Course of ANA Group Safety Action

  • Strictly observe rules & regulations, and all actions will be grounded on safety.
  • As a professional, place safety as the #1 priority while keeping in mind your health.
  • Address any questions and sincerely accept opinions of others.
  • Information will accurately be reported and shared in a timely manner.
  • Continuous self-improvement for prevention and avoiding re-occurrence.
  • Lessons learned from experiences, and increase skills for risk awareness.