Medium-Term Target for Safety: Ensure the World's Highest Safety Standard

The ANA Group is working to pursue and provide the "World's Highest Safety Standard". This means providing safety, which we must ensure as a company, and security, which is created as a result of providing customer safety. By doing so, we ultimately enhance trust, which is earned through the accumulation of our steadfast daily efforts on the safety and security fronts.

We strive to ensure safe aircraft operations as a matter of course. We are also pursuing a variety of other forms of safety in the group's business, including the safety and security aspects of food services, cargo, and information. We are constantly mindful of the fact that safety today does not guarantee safety tomorrow. With this in mind, we will continuously pursue safety and security in order to earn public trust.

Medium-Term Target for Safety and Update on Progress

Under the medium-term target for safety, we aim to zero out the number of aircraft accidents and serious incidents. We remain focused on personnel development and organization building, with a view to shifting our safety activities from reactive to proactive and predictive.

Personnel Cultivation to Ensure Safety

In addition to developing human resources that are able to spread awareness and proactively consider measures to prevent a recurrence of safety issues, we will continue to pursue safety by approaching safety matters sincerely and with humility. One way we will do this is by preserving the memory of past air accidents and hijacking incidents. To foster a safety-conscious atmosphere and culture along these lines, we conducted safety tour events at 24 airports and offices in Japan and overseas in the fiscal year 2019. These events were attended by about 839 employees. In addition, we held the 28th "TALKSAFE 2019" at Haneda Airport, and about 217 employees participated.

We continue to focus on providing emergency evacuation training, a program initiated in 2012 using a mock-up of an aircraft, and holding ANA's Day, an event held since 2013 in which all ANA Group employees learn about the history of accidents and unsafe events at the ANA Safety Education Center.

System Development to Enhance Safety

We have newly introduced the Change Management approach for corresponding to State's civil aviation Safety Programme for Japan (SSP). Starting a new process, changing a pre-existing process or discontinuing a pre-existing process increase the risk of mistakes and failure. The Change Management approach provides a framework for predicting the potential safety risks associated with these three changes, developing appropriate responses and countermeasures and managing the process itself.

Since September 2014, the ANA Group has also participated in the Safety Trend Evaluation, Analysis & Data Exchange System (STEADES), a safety program established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). By sharing information with overseas airlines through this program, we intend to pursue the "World's Highest Safety Standard".

Safety Tour events

Emergency aircraft evacuation training

Training at the ANA Safety Education Center

Assertion Builds Safety

The ANA Group defines assertion as "the constructive and cooperative expression of opinions and other remarks" based on mutual respect for one another. The maintenance divisions have adopted assertion as a keyword for building strong teams. To illustrate with an example, aircraft are made of tens of thousands of parts. One missing part, or a problem with a single part, can be enough to potentially compromise flight safety. Every member of every maintenance division strives to foster a culture in which everyone feels free to speak up and share anything they might notice, no matter how small, so that they can prevent maintenance issues from arising. The assertion cycle involves requesting the attention of others, speaking up and thanking others based on interpersonal and interorganizational awareness of issues. Going forward, we intend to further instill the assertion cycle in every worksite.