Bringing exciting new
experiences to your journey.

We sincerely appreciate your choosing to fly ANA.
For selected customers, we offer
Premium Member Services.
We are committed to providing a warm welcome,
so that your flight with us is a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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Heartfelt hospitality that gives
you the assurance that your journey
will be a pleasant and comfortable one.

We aim to provide hospitality and service tailored to the individual needs of each of our customers,
regardless of whether you want to enjoy a relaxed and leisurely trip,
or are on a tight schedule and pressed for time.
Enjoy your journey with ANA, and leave your worries on the ground for a few hours.

Making sure that the time you spend
with ANA is truly satisfying.

Enjoy the benefits not just on our flights, but in your daily life too!
Our carefully designed services can enrich both your travel experiences and your everyday living.
Enjoy special times provided only to selected customers.

The Status Card is a symbol of your status
as a specially selected customer.

Membership status progresses in stages according to the number of miles flown.
We provide enhanced services to meet the needs of those customers who use ANA extensively over the course of a year.

[Figure] Membership status progresses. From Regular Members to Bronze Service (Bronze Status) to Platinum Service (Platinum Status) to Diamond Service (Diamond Status). zoom

Premium members are assigned to one of three status levels
based on the number of miles flown over the course of the year.


ANA's highest status,
Diamond Service


Showing appreciation to our most loyal customers
with Platinum Service


Looking forward to the flights to come, with Bronze Service

  • Conditions for Premium Status
  • List of Services by Status

Another benefit available
with Premium membership status.

Members can also make use of services provided by Star Alliance,
the largest airline network in the world with 27 member airlines.
Enjoy the same high level of service you receive as a Premium member at locations all over the world.

Special announcement for customers who fly frequently!

We offer the ANA Super Flyers Card,
available exclusively to Diamond Service and Platinum Service Members upon request.
You can benefit as part of ANA Premium Member Services for as long as you hold this card.

ANA Super Flyers Card

We value the time you have spent with ANA.

Reflecting our commitment to moving forward hand in hand with our customers,
"Lifetime Miles" (LT Miles) is the total amount of miles flown
from the date on which you joined ANA Mileage Club.
Million Miler customers who accumulate 1,000,000 Lifetime Miles or more
on ANA Group operated flights are rewarded with lifetime benefits.

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