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The Streetscape, and "Yaki Curry" at Mojiko Retro

Mojiko Retro's charms include its streetscape with quaint architecture as well as "Yaki Curry."
Mojiko Retro attracts attention in the Kanmon Straits area in particular, featuring quaint architecture such as Mojiko Station, the Old Moji Customs Building and the former Mitsui Club; you can feel the atmosphere of the olden days. The area is also known for having originated the sales pitch for bananas, and you can hear boisterous salespersons selling their goods on holidays.
Many quaint buildings are present, including the "International Friendship Memorial Library." This is a replica of a building for a rail and steamboat company built by the Russian Empire in Dalian in 1902.
It was created to commemorate the 15th year of the friendship city agreement that was exchanged between Kitakyushu and Dalian in 1979.
The exterior walls show beautiful contrast between the brown and white tiles, with impressive designs for the chimney and roof windows.
The first floor is a restaurant, the second floor is a library with books on China and East Asia, and the third floor is an exhibition hall.

Yaki-curry is the first choice for lunch at Mojiko Retro. The melting cheese and soft-boiled egg go well with the spice-rich curry, further emphasizing the flavor of the curry.
Yaki-curry restaurants are just a stone's throw away from Mojiko Station, each with its own original take on yaki-curry.
If you cannot decide which restaurant to go to, find yourself a "Yaki-curry Map" available at various points around the city to find a curry that suits you!


Name Mojiko
Address Mojiko, Kitakyushui, Fukuoka
Web Sites http://www.gururich-kitaq.com/en/recommend/index.php?id=2

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