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Lapoppo Namegata Farmers Village

The experience-based, agriculture-themed park in Namegata, Ibaraki Prefecture

The experience-based, agriculture-themed park was constructed by renovating the school buildings. The concept is farm to table. Freshly harvested ingredients are available from the fields within the facilities. Visitors can sense nature while eating, playing and learning at the roast sweet potato factory, the market, and the restaurants.

Magical stay with farm glamping

Enjoy luxurious farm glamping while watching the landscape change according to the season. Freshly harvested vegetables go straight to the dining table. There are two types of camping: merge with nature while staying in a comfortable, air-conditioned trailer house or relax your mind and body in a tent while gazing at the starry sky. Either option is the perfect getaway for you to recharge with healthy food while staying with your family, loved ones or friends. Natural hot spring facilities overlook Lake Kitaura nearby.

Enjoy superb BBQ using freshly harvested vegetables!

Namegata Farmers Village is approximately an 80-minute drive from Tokyo Station. Enjoy BBQ in the glamping area within the vast facilities. Superb BBQ will be served for dinner, using vegetables freshly harvested from the fields, when you stay in a trailer house. The chef will cook seasonal vegetables and other fresh food. If you stay in a tent, you can bring your favorite ingredients and cook for yourself in nature. The delicious vegetables will make you happy.

Farm to table: meals based on freshly harvested vegetables

There are varied facilities scattered about at Namegata Farmers Village, such as Farmers Marche, Namegata Farmers Kitchen, Oimo Jukuseigura IBARAKI (storehouse to mature sweet potatoes), Doronko Renkon Farm (muddy lotus root farm) and Kuwagata Kabutomushi no Mori (forest inhabited by stag beetles and unicorn beetles). Imomitsu is the recommended souvenir: it is the syrup carefully extracted from sweet potatoes. The aroma of roast sweet potatoes goes well with sweets and bread. Imomitsu can be also used as a hidden flavor for Japanese cooking. Play as much as you like while feeling seasonal wind and sunlight.


Name Lapoppo Namegata Farmers Village
Website https://www.namegata-fv.jp/EN/
Address 1561 Uzaki, Namegata-shi, Ibaraki
Access By Car: Approximately 45 minutes' drive from Narita Airport
By Bus: From JR Itako Station, take the Rokko Kitaura Line bus bound for Aso Onsen for approximately 35 minutes, get off at Lake Echo or Shirahama Shonen Shizen-no-Ie or Namegata Farmers Village Chuo bus stop and walk approximately 1 minute
Business Hours 10:00 to 17:00
Closed Please check the official website for details.
Inquiries TEL: 0299-87-1130

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