• Kagoshima

Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako

The entire train is like an observation deck to enjoy the serene views

Designed according to the folk tale of the Dragon's Palace in the Satsuma Peninsula, the Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako features a bold black and white exterior and bright wood-carving interiors with spacious seats. From the expansive windows, passengers can gaze at the serene ocean view. Complete with children's seating, this sightseeing train can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Kurobuta pork from Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshima, located at the southern tip of Kyushu, is one of Japan's leading prefectures in livestock production. Among them, Kagoshima's Kurobuta ("black pork") is renowned for its exceptional meat quality, characterized by its great texture and tenderness compared with other types of pork, as well as being abundant in umami taste and having a clean-tasting fat. A great way to enjoy kurobuta is as tonkatsu or pork cutlet. The breaded then deep-fried pork has a refreshing crunch, followed by a delicious juice and flavor spreading in your mouth.

Geothermal-heated sand bath in Ibusuki City

A geothermal-heated sand bath is a steam bath in which you bury your whole body in the sand that has been warmed with natural geothermal heat. There are numerous places around the Ibusuki area in Kagoshima to try this unique sand bath. After changing into a designated yukata robe and laying your body in the warm sand, you will be sweating in just about 10 minutes, with the sand providing ample weight and warmth to increase your blood circulation and flush out toxins for a refreshing detoxing effect.

Major Station Information

Name Kagoshima Chuo Station
Address 1-1 Chuo-machi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima
Nearest Airport Kagoshima Airport
Access https://www.koj-ab.co.jp/en/ground-transportation/public-transportation.html