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Takaya Shrine

Zenigata Sunae (Sand Art) and Tenku no Torii

Zenigata Sunae is a huge sand art of a 345m copper coin from Edo period drawn on Ariake Beach in Kanonji City; it was created over the night in 1633 to welcome the feudal lord Ikoma Takatoshi.

It is said that all those who view this coin will lead on healthy, long lives, with no problem about money. The coin is behind of the title of TV series “Zenigata Heiji”. Takaya Shrine is the main shrine which located on the peak of 407m tall Mount Inazumi, providing a spectacular view of Kanonji City and Seto Inland Sea. The main gate of the shrine called “Tenku no Torii” which means gate in the sky.


Name Takaya Shrine
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://www.city.kanonji.kagawa.jp/soshiki/21/13387.html
Address 2730 Takaya-cho, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa
Inquiries TEL:0875-24-3957