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Lake Ashi

Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi, and red shrine gates are the signature look of Hakone

Lake Ashi, with a shoreline of approximately 20 kilometers, spreads out widely with Mount Fuji as a backdrop. This vast lake is surrounded by resort areas with a number of tourist spots, including shrines, an aquarium, an art museum, and historical buildings. There are also many activities to enjoy, such as hot springs, cruises and a ropeway to the mountain top. This area offers many opportunities to enjoy its natural features, as well as local traditions.

Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine, which is well known for its characteristic red torii gate standing in Lake Ashi, is located in an area with a solemn atmosphere. With more than 1,250 years' history, it is one of the major shrines of the Kanto region. Since it was worshipped as the god of victory, many samurai lords visited here. It is now believed to bring luck for traffic safety, wishes to come true and warding off evil. Every year, it holds a large-scale event including two festivals in summer with religious rituals and firework displays.

Former Tokaido Road lined with cedar trees

The former Tokaido Road by Lake Ashi is lined with 400 cedar trees planted over 400 years ago in the early 1600s. These trees protected travelers from the strong sun in the summer or cold winds in the winter from ancient times. As described in a song in the early 1900s with lyrics that went "the cedar-lined a road so dark even in daytime," there used to be a lot more trees here. However, many of them were cut down in 1904, reducing them to the current number. Now this area with these trees is protected as a nationally designated historic site.


Name Lake Ashi
Web Sites https://hakone-japan.com/
Address Motohakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Access Approximately 40 minutes' bus ride from Hakone Yumoto Station
Inquiries TEL: 0460-85-5700 (Hakone Tourist Association)

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