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Shimoda Onsen

Amakusa's famous hot spring, boasting many health benefits and a history of some 750 years

Shimoda Onsen is located just inland from the west coast of Amakusa, an area famous for its beautiful sunsets. The water in the hot spring baths is sourced entirely from the source spring and is said to be beneficial for healing cuts and for recovery from exhaustion. It has a long history, with the first hot spring baths believed to have appeared here some 750 years ago. There is also a legend that the spring burst forth from a spot where an injured egret was soothing its wounds.

Amakusa Lobster Fair

The west coast of Amakusa facing Amakusa Bay is one of Japan's best fishing grounds for lobster. Accommodation facilities on Amakusa Island hold the Amakusa Lobster Fair from summer until winter every year. They offer accommodation plans that feature three dishes of fresh, wild lobster and other seafood dishes. Enjoy the delicious taste and plump texture of fresh, wild lobster that can only be experienced at this time of year.

Amakusa Fresh Uni Feast

At the various facilities in Amakusa, you can feast on Amakusa's fresh uni, or sea urchin. Try an uni-no-nigiri sushi, uni-don rice bowl, or stay in an inn or hotel with an uni accommodation plan. Fishing season for the sea urchin variety, murasaki uni, begins in early March. From this time, hotels and inns on Amakusa Island launch Amakusa Fresh Uni Feast offers, in which guests can enjoy a feast of fresh sea urchin. Amakusa's fresh sea urchin has such an exquisite taste that it is sure to convert any hater of uni into an uni lover.


Name Shimoda Onsen
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://amakusa-shimoda-onsen.jp/
Address 1310-3 Shimodakita, Amakusamachi, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto
Access 2 hours, 30 minutes by car from Aso Kumamoto Airport
Business Hours 8:00 - 17:00
Inquiries TEL:0969-42-3239

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