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A superb view of tea fields that seem to reach to the sky

The town of Wazuka in Kyoto Prefecture is a major production area of Uji tea and is also known for its high-quality sencha (Japanese green tea), manufacturing about half the total tea leaf production of Kyoto Prefecture. Wazuka's tea cultivation began in ancient times when the terraces along the steep hillsides were carved out by hand, and since then, the tea culture has been passed down to the present day. It is a traditional industry that will continue to endure.

Wazuka tea noted for its shining golden yellow color

Wazuka tea has a long history that is said to have begun about 800 years ago when Jishin Shonin, a high priest of Kaijusen-ji Temple, cultivated tea on Mount Jubu. The town has flourished as a major production area of high-class sencha tea, and beautiful tea fields spread throughout the town. At Wazuka-cha Café, you can enjoy high-quality Wazuka tea sourced directly from local farmers, and sweets such as Wazuka tea ice cream. In addition, enjoy hiking, cycling and a tea picking experience while looking over the beautiful tea fields stretching out as if able to reach the sky.

Chagenkyo Festival

The Chagenkyo (Teatopia) Festival is Wazuka's largest event held once a year. Aiming to introduce everything about the art of tea and the town's unique and local character, various attractions include tea field tours, sampling and selling of teas from around the world, food stalls with delicious food mainly made using tea, photo and art exhibitions, music performances and a mountain bike course. The town is at its most vibrant and bustling with activity during this event.
Please check the official website for details.

A haven for mountain biking

Yubune MTB Land is a complex of dedicated mountain biking trails located in the nature-rich Yubune Forest Park located in the Yubune district of Wazuka town, which is on the border between Kyoto and Shiga Prefecture. The courses are highly acclaimed by mountain bike lovers for their technical design full of ups and downs, and are enjoyable for both beginner and advanced riders.


Name Wazuka-cho
Website http://wazukanko.com/english/
Address 19 Kyo-machi, Kamatsuka, Wazuka-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto
(Wazuka Town Tourist Information Center)
Access Approximately 1 hour 50 minutes by train and bus from Itami Airport
Approximately 2 hour 15 minutes by train and bus from Kansai International Airport

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