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Ikoma Plateau

Ikoma Plateau

The tourist attractions in Kobayashi City include Ikoma Plateau, known for its beautiful cosmos flowers, and Ebino Plateau, where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal beauty throughout the year. At Idenoyama Park, you can relax in nature and visit a freshwater fish aquarium.

Ikoma Plateau has been developed at the foot of the Kirishima Mountains, 540 meters above sea level. The park offers spectacular seasonal flowery landscapes. The expansive gentle hillside field with a total area of 120,000 square meters is blanketed with 350 thousand field mustards and 150 thousand Iceland poppies in spring, and 1 million cosmos flowers in autumn. You can immerse yourself in a metaphorical "sea of flowers," surrounded by fabulous natural vistas from the location where the Kirishima mountains sweep down to the idyllic Nishimoro Basin.


Name Ikoma Plateau
Address Miyazaki Prefecture, Kobayashi, Minaminishikata, 8565
Inquiries TEL: 0985-26-6100
FAX FAX: 0985-26-6123
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.ikomakougen.com/

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