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Cape Toi

Wild Horse Grazing in a Majestic Natural Setting

Kushima City is a tourist destination where you can see horses at Cape Toi and monkeys at Kojima. This is the perfect place to see wild animals in majestic scenery.

The horses at Cape Toi are descendants of army horses that grazed there and became wild 300 years ago. Guided tours are available to help visitors enjoy a unique opportunity to observe a herd of wild horses up close under natural conditions. Additionally, the spot is popular for viewing the ocean sunset/sunrise, drawing a crowd of sunrise viewers on the morning of New Year’s Day every year.


Name Cape Toi
Web Sites http://www.kanko-miyazaki.jp/foreign/english/kushima/kanko/10966.html
Address Ichiki, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki
Inquiries TEL: 0987-72-11110
Fees 1,000 yen (for a chartered boat)

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