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Horikawa Canal

Enjoy the Sights of this Modern Port Town

This canal was completed in the Edo period after two years and four months of challenging work. There is an arched stone bridge over the canal called Horikawa Bridge. It also functions as a pathway into the neighboring Ahiratsu Shrine. As well as this, there are buildings in the vicinity of the canal such as Aburatsu Red Brick Hall (a nationally registered Tangible Cultural Property) with a Taisho-retro vibe.

Yumemi Bridge

This bridge is a new symbol of Aburatsu, constructed in 2007. It was built using 120-year-old Obi cedar wood and Obi stones, using a traditional "Kigumi", wooden framework technique, that does not use metal parts such as nails. The ceiling is made of curved wood that makes use of the characteristic flexibility of Obi cedar. The plaza near to Yumemi Bridge is covered with red bricks, and warmly colored lights are lit at night, giving off a modern vibe. There are also some distinctive historical features, such as the remnants of former railway tracks.


Name Horikawa Canal
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://www.kankou-nichinan.jp/tourisms/316
Address 7 Nishi-machi, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki
Access 15 minutes’ walk from Aburatsu Station
Inquiries TEL: 0987-31-1134 (Nichinan Tourist Information Center)

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