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Obi Castle Town

Enjoy a Townscape that Takes you on a Trip Back in Time to the Edo Period

Obi Castle Town is known as the little Kyoto of Kyushu, and was the first place in Kyushu to be designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. There are streets of samurai residences lined with stone walls said to closely resemble times gone by, moss-covered castle walls, and rows of Obi cedars. On the commercial street, you should try sampling some of the delicacies on offer, such as the famous "Obi Tempura" and "Atsuyaki Tamago", thick Japanese omelet.

Obi Castle Ote-mon Gate

Obi flourished as the 51,000 "koku" (rice yield) castle town of Lord Ito of the Obi Domain for the 280 years from 1588 to the early Meiji period. The Ote-mon gate was demolished in 1871 and was rebuilt in 1978 using wood from 100-year-old Obi cedars. It is now a popular place for taking photographs along with the surrounding trees that change color with the seasons. There are also Matsuo-no-Maru, the domain school Shintokudo and the Obi Castle Historical Museum that exhibits valuable artefacts that tell the history of the Ito family. The remnants of the main enclosure are now covered in moss and home a grove of Obi cedar trees. This is becoming a popular place to come and refresh.


Name Obi Castle Town
Web Sites https://www.kankou-nichinan.jp/english/spot/obi-castle
Address 4-2-20 Obi, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki
Inquiries TEL: 0987-31-1134 (Nichinan City Tourist Association)

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