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Sayama Tea Miyanoen

Experience Japanese tea in Sayama, one of Japan's top three tea-producing areas and the closest from Tokyo

Located about one hour from Tokyo, Sayama City in Saitama Prefecture is known for the production of Sayama tea, one of the three major teas in Japan along with Shizuoka tea and Uji tea. There are many tea plantations in the city that produce and sell the finest tea. At Miyanoen, you can enjoy Sayama tea and Japanese tea culture through various hands-on activities.

Sayama, a city infused with tea

As expressed in the “Sayama Tea-Picking Song” as “Shizuoka may have the finest color, and Uji the finest fragrance, but none to compare to the flavor of Sayama,” Sayama tea is one of the three major teas in Japan along with Shizuoka tea and Uji tea. Sayama tea is characterized by its rich, deep taste, and robust flavor that comes from its thick tea leaves. In addition, a unique roasting process called "Sayama hiire" (Sayama firing) is used to make the flavorful Sayama tea.

Tea Leaf Picking Experience Event

From early May to early November, you can experience picking Sayama tea. Start with a tea leaf picking lecture and pick tea leaves in the garden, then make your own delicious handmade tea. Don a red apron and feel like a real "Chamusume," or tea girl (rental fee applies). You can also try the tempura made from tea leaves. (Reservations required. Activity fee starting from 1,000 yen; costume rental fee: 500 yen)

Experience the many hands-on activities at Miyanoen

At Miyanoen, visitors can also participate in various activities related to tea in addition to tea leaf picking. The Matcha Experience Event starts with tea leaf grinding for matcha (green leaf powder) using a millstone, followed by a tea ceremony and matcha art creation. You can also try vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with freshly ground matcha powder. Casually enjoy the experience of tea ceremony, traditional culture of Japan. (Reservations required. Event fee: 2,500 yen)


Name Sayama Tea Miyanoen
Website http://miyanoen.com/en/
Address 25-2 Kitairiso, Sayama-shi, Saitama
Access Approximately 2 hours by train and walk from Haneda Airport

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