For First Time Customers

For First Time Customers

Please read the following for a safe and comfortable flight.

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international flights

The icons named Japan Domestic or International indicate differences in service for Japan domestic and international flights. Content not marked with an icon applies to both, Japan domestic and international flights.

Safe and Comfortable Flight

ANA provides consultation and assistance to customers with disabilities, illness or injury to help them have a safe and comfortable journey. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ANA Disability Desk.

If You Need Assistance

If you are worried about flying, are sick or have physical difficulties, and need assistance, please feel free to ask a member of ANA staff. We will try our best to assist you.

If you have a connecting flight, we will also help you to move within the terminal to your next flight. Please let us know in advance if you have a connecting flight to ensure a smooth transfer.

If you use an international flight, the local staff at airports outside Japan will assist you. Your understanding is greatly appreciated in this matter.

ANA’s Approach

At ANA, we strive to provide pleasant and comfortable flights to customers who need assistance such as customers with disabilities and elderly customers. Please see below for ANA’s various initiatives.

How to Use the Service

The necessary procedures in order to travel on an aircraft are as follows.

  • * If there is a service you would like to use, please see the relevant page for that service to find out what procedures must be completed, etc.

Points to Note

Please see the points to note before you use the service.

  • * Points to note for each service can be found on the applicable service page.


You may be required to travel with a safety assistant (escort) if ANA staffs or the airport agents determines that a safety assistant (escort) is essential for safety purposes when the customer is unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety related instructions given by ANA staffs/airport agent including the safety briefing.

Cabin attendants cannot provide the following assistance during the flight: Assistance in actual eating, Assistance within the restroom (lavatory) or assistance at the passenger's seat with elimination function and Provision of medical services.

Our cabin attendants are trained in first aid, but they are not permitted to perform any medical treatment including administering injections or providing medication. The necessary treatment must be performed by the customer or their escort.

Customers using a stretcher or an incubator, as well as customers whose physician has determined that an escort is required, need to travel with an escort. Please also inform us in advance if you or your escort will be traveling with an infant.

Codeshare Flights

For codeshare flights operated by our partner airlines, the regulations of the relevant partner airline will apply. Special assistance on such flights may differ from that offered by ANA. For details, please contact the partner airline operating the flight directly.

Cabin Environment

Medical Information Form (MEDIF)

Depending on the service you use, it may be required to submit a Medical Information Form (MEDIF). For details see the link below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ANA Disability Desk.