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Notsuke Peninsula Ice Horizon Walk

Ice Horizon Walk, a stroll in the expanse of a white wonderland

The Notsuke Peninsula in eastern Hokkaido is a 26 km-long peninsula overlooking the Okhotsk Sea. Its inner bay freezes over from January to mid-March, displaying an uninterrupted frozen horizon referred to as the Ice Horizon. The Ice Horizon Walk is a fun winter experience tour that allows you to take a stroll over the frozen sea wearing snow shoes.

The Notsuke Peninsula in the eastern part of Hokkaido stretches 26 km long, making it the largest sand spit in Japan. There, a spot called Todowara, where a withered forest of todomatsu fir trees eroded by seawater still remains, exudes an almost eerie atmosphere. The expanding horizon seen in the summer transforms in the winter into a silvery white wonderland of ice as the seawater freezes over in the eastern Hokkaido cold. At the starting point of the Ice Horizon Walk is the Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center, where you can learn about the area's four seasons and different flora and fauna. Make this your base for a journey into the natural wonders of the Notsuke Peninsula.


Name Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://easthokkaido.com/sightseeing-access/betsukai-ice-horizon/
Address 63 Notsuke, Betsukai-cho, Notsuke-gun, Hokkaido
Access 50 minutes' drive from Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport
Business Hours April to October: 9:00 to 17:00
November to March: 9:00 to 16:00
Closed December 30 to January 5
Inquiries TEL: 0153-82-1270
Admission Adults: 3,500 yen / Elementary school students: 1,750 yen / Infants: Free

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