Feel the Beauty of Nature in Toyama A Healing Winter Trip through Toyama's Nostalgic Snowy Landscapes

Explore unspoiled Japanese landscapes in Toyama's charming winter wonderlands, dreamy Gokayama and majestic Shogawa Gorge

Toyama is rich with attractions that appeal to the five senses - its majestic nature, onsen (hot springs), and fresh delicacies from the sea are just the tip of the iceberg. Gokayama is a World Heritage Site, and its village landscape has been maintained and preserved for hundreds of years. Treat yourself to a cultural experience nestled in pure white winter scenery. Enjoy a trip through Toyama that heals mind and body alike.

(map) Toyama Toyama

Takanbo Ski Resort

This ski resort boasts a marvelous view of the Gassho-style Village (featuring traditional thatched gable roof houses), a World Heritage Site. Whether you are a serious ski enthusiast or simply prefer to play around in the snow, your kind of fun awaits.

Ainokura Gassho-style Village

There are many folktales surrounding this preserved historical village. It is one of the rare World Heritage Sites in which ordinary people still live.

Shogawa Gorge Cruise

Breathtakingly beautiful Shogawa Gorge lets you take in nature's artwork to the fullest. Savor the superb scenery to the gentle rocking of a sightseeing boat, and lighten your heart.

Omaki Onsen

Reachable only by boat, Omaki Spa Kanko Ryokan is a secluded traditional Japanese inn surrounded by nature. From the open-air bath, enjoy the majestic view covered in snow as far as you can see. Why not spend a luxurious time in a world reminiscent of ink brush paintings in the snow-covered mountain gorge?

Shinminato Kitokito Market

Visitors can catch a rare daytime auction at this fishing port. The highlight of the auction is the serious interaction between auctioneers and buyers, as they battle it out for the best of the port's wide variety of fish and high catch volume.
Note: Market tours are by prior appointment only.

Amaharashi Coast

Along with Mont Saint Michel Bay in France and San Francisco Bay in the USA, Amaharashi Coast is a member of the "Most Beautiful Bays of the World" club. Its view of the snow-covered Tateyama Mountain Range and Toyama Bay is truly magnificent.

Fugan Canal Kansui Park

This popular tourist spot is known for a cafe that was awarded as the most beautiful in the world. The park's lush greenery, sparkling waterfront, and a relaxing pace calms the heart, and the nighttime illumination is truly a magical sight.

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How to Get There

It takes about 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Toyama Airport. The available transportation options within Toyama include car rental, motorcycle rental, and taxi.

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