New sustainability-conscious amenity kits for First and Business Class on international flights


ANA has introduced new sustainability-conscious amenity kits for First Class and Business Class* on international flights, starting in January 2024.

  • Business Class routes: European and U.S. routes (excluding Honolulu), and Oceania routes (Sydney and Perth).

Development of new amenity pouches

The new amenity pouch was developed in collaboration with ETTINGER, a leather goods manufacturer with a royal warrant from the U.K. that has been handcrafting products using the finest leather since 1934 and is known for its vivid colors. ANA is the first airline in the world to develop an amenity pouch with ETTINGER.

For the contents of the pouch, First Class passengers will receive a kit of SENSAI, a Japanese brand that uses some of its ingredients grown on a recycling-oriented farm that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In the Business Class cabin, passengers are offered a kit from AVEDA, a brand that does not conduct any animal testing and is committed to developing products based on an environmental policy that includes the use of materials derived from natural resources. These kits are designed to provide a comfortable stay in the cabin, which tends to be dry, with special attention paid to the fragrance and feel.

Amenity kit in First Class
Amenity kit in Business Class
  • The shape or color of the amenity pouch is subject to change.

Toward Reducing Plastic Waste Rates

With this renewal, the plastic bags previously used for packaging amenity kits have been eliminated in favor of paper strips made of FSC-certified paper. This will result in a reduction of approximately 1.7 tons per year (compared to FY 2019) of disposable plastic usage. In addition, plastic bags used to hold cosmetics in the pouches will be made of biomass, and we will continue our efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Amenity pouches packaged in FSC certified paper strips
Ms. Komine, Development staff

Thoughts of the person in charge

Ms. Komine, Development staff 1
Ms. Komine, Development staff 2

What were your thoughts when you created the amenity kits?

Ms Komine: The amenity kits for First and Business Class on international flights have been renewed every few years. When renewing the amenity kits, we had the idea in mind to use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. We tried to use natural cotton and recycled materials for the pouches, and avoided using plastic and genuine leather as much as possible. And in the pouch, you will find skin care products to keep you comfortable in the dry cabin. After considering what would be convenient to carry while traveling, ANA original reusable bag and card case* are included in the package, in another first. In addition, we were also conscious of the fact that the product would not only be used by passengers, but would also be given to family members and loved ones as souvenirs, making them happy to receive it.

  • Card case is included only in the first class amenity kits.

Are there any points of particular significance?

Ms Komine: For ease of use, the pouch has a double zipper depending on its shape, and the color scheme of the fabric used on the outside was selected from a number of color samples so that anyone can use it, regardless of age or gender. The skin care products are also unisex.

We have developed these pouches with particular attention to durability, shape, and size so that they can continue to be used after the trip is over. We have changed the color and design of the pouches provided for the outbound and inbound trips, so we hope you will enjoy the differences between each pouch.

Original reusable bag
Card case*
  • Card case is included only in the first class amenity kits.

The ANA Group will continue to strive for the effective use of limited resources while valuing the awareness of each and every employee.

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