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Harajiri Falls

Located on the Ogata Plain, Harajiri Falls are about 120 meters wide and 20 meters high. It seems as though the waterfalls appear out of the blue in the middle of the flat land. Seen from above, the falls are lined up in a beautiful arch shape and thus nicknamed the Oriental Niagara.

Since Harajiri Falls are located on a plain, it is easy to visit the site and view the waterfalls up close.

There is a suspension bridge above the falls called Takimi-bashi. It provides visitors with a great vantage point to overlook the magnificent falls as well as a way to get around the site. At the entrance to the waterfalls stands a roadside rest area, Michi-no-eki Harajiri-no-Taki. Fresh vegetables and processed agricultural products using locally harvested ingredients are sold there. Also, travelers can relax and enjoy delicious foods at a spacious restaurant that serves a variety of regional dishes.


Name Harajiri Falls
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.bungo-ohno.com/spot/index.php?sid=9
Address 410 Harajiri, Ogata-machi, Bungo-ono-shi, Oita
Access By air/bus/JR: Approx. one hour by bus from Oita Airport to JR Oita Station, 55 minutes by train from JR Oita Station to JR Ogata Station, and five minutes by taxi or 20 minutes on foot from JR Ogata Station to Harajiri Falls
By car: 55 minutes by car from Oita Mera Interchange of Oita Expressway to Asaji Interchange of Naka-Kyushu Express Way, and a 15-minute drive from Asaji Interchange to Harajirii Falls
Inquiries TEL:097-536-6250 (Tourism oita)

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