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Sandankyo Gorge

The spectacular clear streams and greenery of the massive Sandankyo Gorge stretch for around 16km from the entrance of the gorge to the Hijiri Lake. It is designated as the special scenic spot of the country, you can enjoy the fantastic appearance of fireflies flying in summer and autumn leaves in autumn.

There is five major scenery of the gorge: Kurofuchi Pool, Sarutobi Passage, Nidan-no-taki Falls, Sandan-no-taki Falls and Mitsutaki Falls.
Sandankyo Gorge has 4 routes as Akiota’s Forest Therapy Road.

A spot where you can enjoy the magical emerald green scenery amidst the precipitous cliffs and primeval forests of the gorge.

Wild sweetfish can be caught in the river of the Sandankyo Gorge.


Name Sandankyo Gorge
Web Sites http://www.akioota-navi.jp/en/attraction.html
Address Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima
Access Around 75 minutes from Hiroshima Bus Center by highway express bus
Inquiries TEL:0826-28-1800 (Akiota Regional Trading Company)

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