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Kaki Komachi Oysters

Oysters are recommended in Hiroshima. Regardless of season and season, you can enjoy it at the direct sale or the oysters shop all the year. In the summer, a large brand oyster "Kaki Komachi" is recommended.

Hiroshima bay has gentle waves and a moderate tide, giving it favorable conditions for oyster rearing. In addition, from the rainy season to summer, the river water flowing into Hiroshima Bay creates a layer of water due to its difference in salinity with sea water. This is beneficial to oysters, which prefer “sweet” water (slightly diluted sea water). The Hiroshima prefectural government is putting a lot of effort into food hygiene safety initiatives, and has enacted some unique regulations.

The season for oysters may be winter, but don’t you ever find yourself wanting to enjoy fresh oysters all year long? If so, Hiroshima’s original oyster brand “Kaki Komachi” is just what you need.
Thanks to the high quality of these oysters, you can enjoy large, plump, and highly nutritious oysters even in summer.

An oyster crawl is a new way of enjoying oysters that takes after bar crawls unique to Hiroshima, kingdom of oysters. Just like bar crawls, try going around various specialty stores and tasting the diverse oyster dishes they have to offer. Oysters make a great paring with wine and delicious sake from Hiroshima, a region famous for good sake. For more details, search for “はしご牡蠣”! (Japanese website only)


Name Kaki Komachi Oysters
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