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Futami Okitama Shrine

The Futami Okitama Shrine is located in the town of Futami in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. This is a famous shrine where women pray for a felicitous marriage, and where married couples pray for matrimonial happiness. The amulets and goshuin (shrine's seal stamped onto a notebook) are also popular. The custom from ancient times is to purify oneself at this Futami Okitama Shrine before going on to pray at the nearby Ise Grand Shrine.

Customarily, people cleansed themselves at the Futami coast before going to the Grand Shrine at Ise, and many people still visit this shrine before going to the Grand Shrine.

Meoto Iwa

The wondrous view of the sun rising among the rocks can be seen between May and July.


Name Futami Okitama Shrine
Address 575 Futamichoe, Ise-shi, Mie-ken
Telephone 0596-43-2020
Price Free

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