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Rurikoji Temple Five-Storied Pagoda

Rurikoji Temple's five-storied pagoda, a national treasure and gem of Yamaguchi

Counted among the top three pagodas in Japan alongside Horyuji Temple and Daigoji Temple, Rurikoji Temple's five-storied pagoda is lauded as one of the greatest architectures of the mid-Muromachi Period (1336-1573). Within the pagoda sit an Amida Nyorai (seated Amitabha Buddha) statue and a sculpture of the samurai Yoshihiro Ouchi. The pagoda is picturesque in any season, from the plum and cherry blossoms in spring to fresh greenery in summer, autumn foliage, and snowscape in the winter.

The national treasure five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple is 31.2 meters tall and constructed mostly in Japanese architectural style with some Chinese-style influences. The roof is made from cypress bark, and the body of the pagoda becomes slimmer toward the higher stories, creating a very refined appearance. It is a symbol of Yamaguchi's tourism, elegantly conveying the Ouchi culture with its beautiful presence against the backdrop of a hill with cherry blossoms and maple trees. The pagoda at night lit up from sundown to 10 p.m. is also another sight not to be missed.


Name Rurikoji Temple Five-Storied Pagoda
Web Sites http://www.visit-jy.com/en/spots/12282
Address 7-1 Kozan-cho, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi
Access 30 minutes by bus from JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station
Inquiries TEL: 083-922-2409

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