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The more you fly with us, the better it gets!

Our Premium Members get exclusives and benefits designed to make travel more rewarding and enjoyable. Earn your way up through levels of membership (Bronze, Platinum and Diamond), and get more perks with each new level!

About Premium Membership

Premium Points

  • Premium Points earned in one year will determine premium status for the following year.
  • The number of premium points earned from January to December each year determines premium status for the following year. Premium service starts April 1 and is valid for one year.
  • Premium Points are calculated separate from mileage, and are earned based on mileage, booking class, fare type and other factors when you fly.
  • Learn more about Premium Points.

ANA Mileage Club members who have ANA cards issued by Japan can also earn Premium member status based on achievement criteria that include the number of Life Solution Services used and the amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay payments in addition to the number of Premium Points earned through flights. For details, please refer to "Conditions for Attaining Premium Status for Members Who Often Use Life Solution Services".

Premium Member Status

ANA Mileage Club bronze member

Bronze Service Member

Yearly Premium Points: 30,000

(15,000 from ANA Group operated flights)

See Bronze member benefits

ANA Mileage Club platinum member

Platinum Service Member

Yearly Premium Points: 50,000

(25,000 from ANA Group operated flights)

See Platinum member benefits

ANA Mileage Club diamond member

Diamond Service Member

Yearly Premium Points: 100,000

(50,000 from ANA Group operated flights)

See Diamond member benefits

Regardless of Premium membership status, once you’ve reached 1 million miles or more, you’ll get access to exclusive perks and benefits. Learn more about the Million Miler Program.

For Diamond and Platinum Members, the ANA Super Flyers Card is available with an annual membership fee.

  • *Must reside in Japan or have an address in Japan.

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Exclusive Benefits for Premium Members

Services / Benefits Bronze Member Platinum Member Diamond Member
Flight Bonus Miles Up to 55% Up to 105% Up to 130%
Premium Member Service Desk Available Available Available
Lounge Access Available, use Miles or Upgrade Points (only for ANA LOUNGE) Available Available
ANA Seat Upgrades Available Available Available
Priority Check-In & Baggage Available Available Available
Upgrade Points Available Available Available
Priority Reservations for International Flight and Upgrade Awards - Available Available
Priority Security Check-In - Available Available