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Temple Lodgings of Koyasan

Stay in the sacred lands atop Koyasan

Koyasan is home to 117 temples today, of which 52 have temple lodgings. Originally these lodgings were guesthouses for monks and worshippers visiting the temple. Today, they are also widely open to general tourists. During your stay, you can participate in meditation and liturgies, as well as various events that each temple lodgings offer. Enjoy a relaxing stay in the quiet temples, many with Japanese gardens beautiful in every season.

Enjoy Buddhist cuisine

The temple lodgings serve Buddhist cuisine, which is made from vegan ingredients such as vegetables and grains. Each lodging has a unique taste and presentation, from traditional dishes bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients to elaborate courses that are also a feast to the eyes. Sesame tofu, a staple of Buddhist cuisine on Koyasan, is a popular dish that is a must-try. Also on Koyasan, sake is referred to as Hannya-tou and beer as Mugi-Hannya, and are served by some temple lodgings. Some lodgings also offer day trips with lunch, and there are also many restaurants serving Buddhist cuisine in the area.

Ajikan meditation training

Several temple lodgings offer the experience called Ajikan, the breathing and meditation training method of the Shingon school of Japanese Buddhism. It is an ultimate relaxation technique, in which you first cleanse your hands by rubbing them with an incense called Zuko and then meditate in a room with a hanging scroll of the Sanskrit character "a." As you listen to the monk's instructions, straighten your posture and regulate your breathing, feel your mind become clear and distanced from daily life into a state of relaxation.

Gongyo liturgy service

At temple lodgings, the Gongyo liturgy is held every morning. Participating in the service of reciting Buddhist sutra and praying to the temple's object of worship is one of the most appealing points of staying at a temple lodging. Feel the beginning of a new day on Koyasan as you listen to the Shomyo, the distinctive chanting of Buddhist sutras, and the reciting of sutras echoing in the clear morning air of the mountain. Some temple lodgings also perform the Gomadaki, a fire ritual of the Shingon school, that will mesmerize and cleanse your soul as the flames rise in front of your eyes.


Name Temple Lodgings of Koyasan
Website https://en.visitwakayama.jp/venues/venue_420/
Address 600 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama
Access Approximately 2 hour 15 minutes by train and cable car from Kansai International Airport
Approximately 3 hours by train and cable car from Itami Airport

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