Article 1 (General Terms):

  1. The ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service (here in after as "FA") stipulated in these Terms and Conditions is a special benefit of the mileage program operated by All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (here in after as "ANA") for people reside outside Japan.
  2. The following people may use the AFA Service: ANA Mileage Club members reside outside Japan.

Article 2 (Use of the Service, Terms of Membership):

  1. In order to use the AFA Service, it is necessary to conduct AFA registration procedures after joining the ANA Mileage Club. The ANA Mileage Club membership number given to each individual member will be valid when using the AFA Service.
  2. Registration for AFA is conducted on a family basis, the Primary Member (i.e., the family representative) and Family Members (here in after "members"). Registration may not be conducted on a company or corporation basis.
  3. Members of the family living outside Japan may be registered for the AFA Service, during the period in which they live outside Japan.
  4. The Primary Member shall in principle be an ANA Mileage Club member living outside Japan himself or herself, who has registered with ANA after agreeing to the AFA Terms and Conditions (referred to as these Terms and Conditions herein) and for whom such membership has been approved by ANA after it has conducted the required examination of such registration.
  5. Up to seven Family Members ( a total of up to eight members including the Primary Member) may be registered. These Family Members shall be taken from relatives within two generations of family relationship from the Primary Member, living outside Japan. These Family Members must be registered with ANA after agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and their membership approved by ANA after it has conducted the required examination of such registration. Upon registration of such a Family Member, documentation must be presented of his or her relationship to the Primary Member and of his or her address outside Japan.
  6. Members may not qualify for the AFA Service under registration of more than one AFA membership. If it has determined that a member has registered under more than one AFA membership, ANA will consolidate such memberships into one.
  7. In order to be considered to have an address outside Japan, it is necessary to have an actual residence address outside Japan and to register that address with the ANA Mileage Club.

Article 3 (Registration Method):

  1. Registration procedures for AFA shall be conducted based on presentation of the required documents to an ANA Mileage Club Service Center located outside Japan or application to Screening will take place referring to Article 2 (Use of the Service, Terms of Membership) upon registration. Registration may take as long as two weeks.
  2. The required registration fee is necessary upon registration.

Article 4 (Registration Fee):

  1. Upon registration, the registration fee of 1,000 miles will be paid to ANA on the payment date established by ANA separately. Once paid, the registration fee shall not be returned for any reason.
  2. A registration fee of 1,000 miles shall be required each time members are added, regardless of the number of members added. No amendment fee shall be charged when cancelling registration.
  3. Registration fees shall be deducted from the Primary Member's mileage account. Another member's miles may not be applied to payment of registration fees.
  4. If payment of the specified registration fee cannot be made, registration will not be conducted.

Article 5 (Eligibility for Membership and Term of Validity):

  1. Use of the AFA Service shall become possible after completion of registration procedures at ANA.
  2. AFA Service registration shall cease to be valid upon the member's relocation to Japan.
  3. Registration for the AFA Service shall be conducted by filling in the required information on the official registration form and submitting it to ANA. ANA Mileage Club members with registered addresses in Japan may not register for AFA. When a member's address changes after AFA registration, the member must promptly notify ANA of the change in address.
  4. When the number of family members located outside Japan increases, whether such family members live with the Primary Member or not, such members may be added as Family Members through application by the Primary Member.
  5. When the Primary Member relocates to Japan, his or her membership-including Family Memberships-will automatically become invalidated.

Article 6 (AFA Membership Card):

When a member uses the AFA Service, the member must present his or her ANA Mileage Club Card.

Article 7 (Invalidation of Registration):

  1. Cancellation of a member's AFA registration requires submission, by the Primary Member, of the required notice. When the Primary Member cancels his or her own FA registration, all AFA registrations of his or her Family Members shall also be invalidated.
  2. When the Primary Member relocates from outside Japan to Japan, the cancellation procedures of paragraph 1 above must be conducted promptly as described under Article 2, Paragraph 3.
  3. A member's registration shall be no longer valid as soon as it is recognized that ANA has completed the above procedures.

Article 8 (Other Terms and Conditions):

  1. In the same manner as notices for the ANA Mileage Club, AFA-related notices and documents shall be sent to the designated address only.
  2. Should a person registered to the AFA Service use the service in fraudulent ways, violate these Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of the ANA Mileage Club, or other procedures, submit false notices or other false information, or for the Primary Member and all his or her Family Members.
  3. Even should a member's eligibility for membership be invalidated through submission of an application for cancellation of membership or through relocation, his or her ANA Mileage Club membership shall remain in force.

Article 9 (Types of Benefits):

An AFA member may total the mileage points of his or her registered family and exchange these for benefits. In such a case, application may be made for the following benefits:

  1. ANA international flight awards
  2. ANA Japanese domestic flight awards
  3. ANA international upgrade awards
  4. Partner flight awards
  • Note: When applying for the benefit under above, at least one of the members whose mileage points shall be combined must have accrued mileage by flying International flights on ANA Group flights at least once within the three-year period prior to such application. In addition, these benefits are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Article 10 (Users and Scope of Benefits):

These benefits may be used by relatives within two degrees of family relationship from the Primary Member (the applicant). (These persons may live inside or outside Japan.) Use of a benefit by a family member other than those registered for the AFA Service requires submittal of a separate Benefit Use Registration. Such registration also requires presentation of a document that can be used to certify the relationship with the Primary Member.

Article 11 (Applying for Benefits):

Application for family use of benfits shall be accepted through Internet or an ANA Mileage Club Service Center established outside Japan and in the region in which the Primary Member resides. The Primary Member himself or herself, with the agreement of the Family Member, must submit application for family use of benefits. Applications for such benefits shall not be accepted from Family Members.

Article 12 (Restrictions on Use of Benefits):

  1. Except as specifically designated for the AFA Service, the ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions of Membership shall be applied to conversion of miles, methods of adding miles from flights taken, details of benefits, and other matters.
  2. ANA Mileage Club benefits for family use provided only to members registered to the AFA Service shall be valid only while such members reside in countries eligible for the AFA Service. Such benefits may not be used after cancellation of AFA registration or after relocation to Japan.
  3. ANA may cancel the AFA or ANA Mileage Club service. In such a case, use of the AFA Service, accumulation of miles in the ANA Mileage Club, and acceptance of requests for benefits shall cease at the same time.

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As of November, 2008