Where is Hokkaido?

Hokkaido is one of Japan's four main islands with an area of 83,000 sq.km, representing 22% of the country's territory. It is the northernmost prefecture of Japan with latitudes similar to Chicago, Rome, and Barcelona. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk and situated at the meeting point of the warm and cold fronts, Hokkaido is one of the world's best fishing-ground.

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How to get to Hokkaido

Hokkaido is served by several airports with direct flights from different airports in the major cities of Japan. It takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes to fly from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Wakkanai Airport at northernmost Hokkaido. Hokkaido is also accessible by Hokkaido Shinkansen or the ferry, but most people prefer the air route which is the shortest and quickest.

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Flight Schedule
* Including codeshare flights

From Destination Number of Flight
Tokyo Sapporo 26 Daily flights
Nemuro-Nakashibetsu 1 Daily flight
Wakkanai 1 Daily flight
Monbetsu 1 Daily flight
Asahikawa 3 Daily flights
Memanbetsu 3 Daily flights
Kushiro 3 Daily flights
Obihiro 3 Daily flights
Hakodate 5 Daily flights

* As of 1 November 2020

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Around Hokkaido

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With a JR Hokkaido Pass in hand, you may take all trains other than the Hokkaido Shinkansen without buying a ticket for every ride and pay no additional fees for designated seats on the express trains up to 6 times. You can even take some lines of the JR Hokkaido buses.


Each area in Hokkaido has its own bus service for sightseeing tours. For more information, please refer to the "AROUND HOKKAIDO" section of the respective area pages.

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For tourists who want to enjoy a trip on the extensive Hokkaido without time restraints, a rental car is recommended. It is a free way to visit any scenic spots inaccessible by trains or buses and is also the best choice for family trips and tourists with large luggage.

ANA Northern Hokkaido Free Pass

ANA Offers JR Pass at a Great Deal Price Exclusively to its Customers!

Available for purchase only to customers using ANA flights (code sharing for ANA flight numbers only). Special tickets for tourists traveling extensively in Northern Hokkaido (Wakkanai, Asahikawa, Furano, Biei, etc.).

4 days: 13,150 JPY

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Explore unknown wonders of
Hokkaido by All Nippon Airways

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