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Uchigura Storehouses of Masuda

Masuda is a town in the southeastern part of Yokote in Akita Prefecture, it was the major point of transportation where the Naruse and Minase Rivers merge and has been alive with the coming and going of people and goods since the Edo Period.
In Naka-Nanokamachi Avenue there are many traditional townscape that convey the prosperity of the time being and in December 2013, it was listed as an Important Traditional Architectures Preservation District by the government.

Magnificent Uchigura Storehouses

In the town of Masuda, also known as one of the areas with the heaviest snowfall in Akita, there are a modest facade compared to the facilities at the back of the houses which called "Uchigura" (backyard). With more than 40 uchiguras that line the street for about 400 meters have been finished in strikingly ornate fashion. These traditional buildings are redolent of the rich culture of the past.

Masuda Tourist Information Center "Hotaru"

Masuda Tourist Information Center, "Hotaru", located in the south of Naka-Nanokamachi Avenue is a facility that can be used as a tourist base for sightseeing of the many national registered tangible cultural properties that remain in Masuda.


Name Uchigura Storehouses of Masuda
Web Sites http://masudakanko.com/en-us/
Address 53 Masuda-Kamimachi, Masuda-machi, Yokote-shi, Akita (Masuda Tourist Information Center "Hotaru")
Access About 50 minutes by bus from Akita Airport to Akita Station, about 85 minutes by JR Ouhon Line from Akita Station to Jumonji Station, and about 10 minutes by Ugo-Kotsu Bus from Jumonji Station Bus Stop to Yotsuya Bus Stop
Business Hours 9:00 to 17:00
Inquiries TEL:0182-23-6331

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