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Mount Haguro

Visit Mount Haguro is one of the Three Mountains of Dewa Sanzan and the Sanjingo-saiden while viewing the five-storied pagoda

Mount Haguro, in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, is one of the Three Mountains of Dewa Sanzan, and a power spot that’s a must see in Yamagata. The five-storied pagoda, a National Treasure, and beautiful cedar trees that line both sides of the stone steps have received three stars from the Michelin Green Guide. At the top of the Mountain there is the Sanjingo-saiden, designated an Important Cultural Property of the country. The gods of Mount Gassan, Mount Haguro, and Mount Yudono are enshrined in this magnificent building.

Cedar trees that are 350 years old continue to stand on both sides of the 2,446 stone steps starting from the Zuishin gate, and you can feel the natural life force just walking there. Why don't you take a walk on the cedar trees lined steps, which received three stars from the Michelin Green Guide?

The Sanjingo-saiden is a building that enshrines the three mountain gods of Gassan, Haguro, and Yudono, which make up the Three Mountains of Dewa Sanzan, and its straw-thatched roof is the highest and thickest in Tohoku. The mysterious mirror-pond in front is gathering place for the faithful since ancient times.

Along with the Shugendo (mountain asceticism) culture of Mount Haguro’s Yamabushi (mountain monks), Buddhist cuisine that was developed is still being handed down as food culture, To experience spirituality through food, try spiritual food at temple lodgings around Mount Haguro.


Name Mount Haguro
Web Sites http://www.dewasanzan.jp/en/
Address Hagurochotoge, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata
Access (By bus) About 50 minutes from Tsuruoka City to the last Bus Stop by Shonai-Kotsu Bus bound for Haguroyama.
(By car) About 10 km from Yamagata Expressway Tsuruoka IC on Haguro line via Tsuruoka.
About 15 km from Shonai-Asahi IC.
About 30 km from the Shonai Airport.
Inquiries TEL:0235-62-2355 (Dewa Sanzan Shrine)

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