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Recommendations for Tourism in Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture: Encounter Pristine Rivers and Scenery around Kappa Bridge and Myojin Bridge

Kamikochi is one of Japan’s leading alpine resorts, located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. The area’s famous bridges, Kappa Bridge and Myojin Bridge, cross over the Azusa River. The river’s pristine waters make for invigorating scenery that refreshes visitors’ bodies and minds. One must-see is Hotaka Shrine, located down the river across Myojin Bridge.
Kamikochi enjoys tremendous popularity, allowing visitors to experience breathtaking, vast nature. A particular highlight is the Hotaka mountain range, which has mountains in the range of 3,000 meters high. Kamikochi restricts the use of private cars to protect the area’s magnificent, precious nature. If you’re visiting by car, park in Sawando Parking Area or Hirayu Parking Area (Gifu Prefecture), and take a bus or taxi from there.

Kappa Bridge is a 5 minutes' walk from Kamikochi Bus Terminal. It’s no exaggeration to say the scenery here, with a spectacular backdrop of the Hotaka mountain range, is the most symbolic in Kamikochi. Stand on Kappa Bridge, gaze out upon the pristine waters of Azusa River and the Hotaka mountain range, take a deep breath of the fresh air, and you’re sure to purify your soul.

If you carry on down Azusa River while looking at the Hotaka mountain range, you will arrive at Myojin Bridge. This bridge extends straight on toward Mount Myojindake, allowing visitors to enjoy dynamic scenery different to Kappa Bridge.
Continue after crossing the bridge and you’ll reach the large torii gate of Hotaka Shrine Okumiya. The Hotaka Shrine Okumiya shrine office offers limited-edition amulets, available only at this shrine.

In front of Hotaka Shrine Okumiya, there is a rest area called "Kamonjigoya" with a long history going back to 1880 when it was first opened. There’s nothing as delicious as freshly caught char fish grilled on the hearth, which remains just as it was back in the day. It is also possible to stay overnight.


Name Kamikochi
Web Sites http://www.kamikochi.org/
Address Kamikochi, Azumi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano
Access Approximately 1 hour drive from Matsumoto IC on Chuo Expressway
Inquiries TEL:0263-95-2433 (Kamikochi Information Center)

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