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Mount Norikura

Mount Norikura stands at the southern tip of the Northern Japan Alps. Although rising at the 3,000-meter level, the mountain range offers fun and easy trekking for beginners and families as well. A bus ride from Hida Takayama to the Tatamidaira bus stop at 2,700 meters takes just 90 minutes, and shuttle bus services are available every day during in-season. There is a bounty of beautiful nature to see, including the snow grouse, designated as a Special Natural Monument, and the exotic dicentra peregrina known as the "queen of alpine plants."

Tatamidaira, the highest bus stop in Japan

From the foot of the mountain, take public transportation up the Norikura Skyline to the highest bus stop in Japan at 2,702 meters above sea level. Tatamidaira is the starting point for your adventure at Mount Norikura. For a slow-paced stroll, the Alpine Flower Garden Walking Trail Course offers abundant blooms of rare alpine plants. For leisurely trekking, take the Mount Daikoku or Mount Fujimi Course for breathtaking views of the Northern Japan Alps from the mountaintop. For full-scale mountaineering, head to the main peak of Mount Norikura on the Mount Kengamine Course. Whatever your level, Mount Norikura offers a variety of courses for everyone. Also in Tatamidaira, don't miss the famous Jitensha Teishoku (cyclers' set meal) at the local restaurant, and getting a goshuin seal from the temple.

Rare flora and fauna (alpine plants, snow grouse)

The Alpine Flower Garden Walking Trail in Tatamidaira presents a sweeping view of beautiful alpine plants. During its peak in July and August, approximately 60 types of alpine season. There is a bounty of beautiful nature to see, including the snow grouse, designated as a Special Natural Monument and an endangered species. Around 150 to 200 snow grouse inhabit Mount Norikura. Since summer is nesting season, if you are lucky, you may spot a snow grouse parent and chick together. Ask one of the Environmental Patrol Members stationed in Tatamidaira about reports on sightings of the rare bird.

Sunrise and starry sky

From mid-July to mid-September, an early morning goraiko (sunrise) bus is in operation. The magnificent sunrise view from Mount Norikura is absolutely breathtaking, and there are bus tours organized for the viewing. Also, staying at one of the accommodations at Mount Norikura comes with an incomparable experience of stargazing in the clear mountain air at 2,702 meters above sea level. Very few mountains at 3,000-meter level offer such well-equipped lodgings instead of simple cabins, so don't miss this opportunity!


Name Mount Norikura
Web Sites https://norikuradake.jp/en.html
Address Iwaitani, Nyukawa-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu
Access 60 minutes by bus from Hirayu Bus Terminal (Okuhida Onsengo)
45 minutes by bus from Honokidaira Bus Terminal (parking space available)
Please take a bus or taxi to Mount Norikura (private vehicles are currently not allowed).
Business Hours May 15 to October 31 annually (mountain open period)
Inquiries TEL: 0577-78-2345 (Hida Norikura Tourism Association)

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