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If visiting Shiretoko, don't miss the "Shiretoko Peninsula Utoro Cruise: Brown Bear Course." The cruise departs from Utoro Port, and reservations can be made at Gojiraiwa Sightseeing located in Shari Town in the district of Shari in Hokkaido Prefecture. You will be able to spot the wild brown bears of Shiretoko from Rusha Bay. Enjoy a cruise to see the natural wonders of Shiretoko and the wild bears that inhabit this area.

The brown bear is a symbolic animal of Shiretoko that has been feared and worshipped by the early native people. Shiretoko has one of the most dense population of brown bears in the world, and the “Shiretoko Peninsula Utoro Cruise, Brown Bear Course” of Goziraiwa Sightseeing is a popular tour that allows visitors to search for them from the sea.

Utoro is the base for tourism of Shiretoko on the side of the Sea of Okhotsk. The cruiser ship leaves from here and runs along the coast of sharp cliffs, goes past Iwa no Nagisa, and heads to Rusha Bay. This is an area where brown bears often gather, and are spotted 90% of the time. *1
The brown bears living in Rusha Bay appear to have an air of composure, showing a glimpse of the calm life they live in the primitive forests. Bears and their cubs are also often seen here. Experience the grand nature of Shiretoko as you observe giant brown bears hunting for food and raising their cubs.
*1 Spotted 96.3% of the time in 2015


Name Goziraiwa Sightseeing “Shiretoko Peninsula Utoro Cruise, Brown Bear Course” (reservation required)
Address 51 Utorohigashi, Shari-gun, Shari-cho, Hokkaido
Price Adults JPY 5,500, Elementary school student JPY 2,750
Tour dates

Regular Services

Morning Cruise:
Departing at 8:30 from June 1 through October 31
Afternoon Cruise
Departing at 15:30 from June 1 through September 25
Departing at 15:15 from September 16 through September 25

Extra Services

Golden Week Season Cruise:
Departing at 8:30/15:30 from April 29 through May 7

* Minimum number of passengers: 7

* Passengers may be requested to ride on a different cruise or share the cruiser with other groups.

Telephone TEL: 0152-24-3060
Web Sites (In Japanese) https://kamuiwakka.jp/

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