Entering Booking Information

Reservation Number

ANA reservation numbers contain 6 digits, and include a combination of half-width alphanumeric characters.

If you did not book your reservation through ANA (such as a travel agency)

The reservation you are given may differ from that of the ANA reservation number. For the ANA reservation number, please request it through the issuing office.

e-Ticket/EMD number

The number on a ticket/EMD issued by ANA is a 13-digit number beginning with 205.


Enter your first name and last name in alphabetical characters.

Entering a middle name

If a middle name is shown on your ticket, enter your first name followed by your middle name in the "First name" field.

Input example

If the middle name is SCOTT
First Name(​​Given Name) : TAROSCOTT Last Name(Family Name) : SORANO

  • If your name includes a space in between, space input is also required.

If your reservation cannot be confirmed or for further inquiries, please contact the office where you booked your reservation.