Fees for U.S. Flights

Charges on Flights To/ From the U.S.

On this page, you’ll find helpful information around fees/charges for baggage and other optional services available in connection with ANA flights to/from the U.S. that are operated by ANA or by its subsidiary Air Japan (AJX). Whether you’re curious around pet charges or baggage rules, you will find everything you need to know before boarding. Note: For other codeshare flights, different fees/charges may apply. Please refer to the operating carrier's website for more service fee details.

Ticketing Service Charge

A Ticketing Service Charge is applicable to tickets purchased via the ANA telephone reservation center or at airport ticketing counters in the Americas.


  • North American ANA site: Free
  • ANA ticket counters (including local office and airport) in the Americas (excluding Canada): USD 25.00
  • ANA counters in Canada: CAD 25.00

For more details around the Ticketing Service charge, please visit How to Manage Your Booking.

Rental Charge for Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Rental medical oxygen cylinders are available with advance notice to passengers for a fee of JPY 10,000 per cylinder. Medical oxygen cylinders may be requested through the ANA customer service center. Learn more about service equipment here.

Paid Advance Seat Reservation

Pay a reservation fee and make an advance reservation for aisle or window seats, a seat conveniently located toward the front of the aircraft for smooth boarding and disembarkation, or one of our popular seats with extra legroom.

Eligible Customers

Customers traveling in Economy Class on ANA-operated international flights

Eligible Tickets

Tickets with a ticket number beginning with 205

Applicable Classes (Booking Class)

  • V/W/S/L/K
  • Charges will not be incurred for booking classes other than Applicable Classes (Booking Class).
  • Paid Advance Seat Reservation charges will not be incurred for ANA Diamond Service and Platinum Service members as well as accompanying passengers on the same reservation. For details, please see Exemption from Paid Advance Seat Reservation Charges (International Flights).


This will differ depending on the site through which you have applied and the seat type.
Charges are indicated per person per flight (sector). Charges will not be incurred when selecting seats other than "Exit row seats with extra legroom" or "Other applicable seats (both window/aisle seats).” Please confirm the details on the seat map screen upon selecting your seat.

Keep My Fare

Need more time to decide on your ticket purchase? Keep My Fare lets you hold your reservation and fare details for up to 72 hours before issuing a ticket. Fees vary depending on the site you’re booking through.


  • U.S. site: USD 10.00
  • Canadian site: CAD 10.00
  • European site: EUR 7.50
  • Japanese site: JPY 1,000

For more details around the Keep My Fare service, please go here.

Bid My Price

In this bidding program, you can make an offer for the chance to upgrade to Premium Economy after purchasing a ticket for Economy Class. Eligible customers who purchase a flight ticket fulfilling the conditions below on the ANA website, will receive an email about this service.

  • Eligible customers will receive an invitation email seven days prior to the departure date of the eligible flight.
  • If you would like to make an offer, please follow the instructions in the email.
  • On the bidding screen, you can see the eligible flights out of your entire itinerary. A gauge is set up for each flight, linked to bid prices. You can choose the price within the preset price range.
  • Bids are accepted in the following currencies: Japanese yen, U.S. dollars, British pounds, euros, Singaporean dollars, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, and Indonesian rupiah.

Please visit Bid My Price for more information about this program.

Change and Cancellation Charges

  • Change and cancellation fees may apply to your ticket. Change and cancellation fees vary based on the fare purchased and may be up to $500.
  • Some fares do not allow changes or cancellations.
  • See Cancellations and Delays for more details.

Checked Baggage Fees

  • When exceeding the free baggage allowance, please note that the following excess baggage fees may be charged.
    • When a codeshare flight or flight operated by another airline is included in your itinerary, the baggage rules of other carriers may apply.
    • When traveling within Japanese domestic sectors using a ticket for which the International Conditions of Carriage apply, international route baggage rules will apply.

Excess Baggage Charges

Excess baggage charges will be assessed in accordance with regulations in the event that excess baggage which exceeds the Free Baggage Allowance is checked in. Note: The applicable currency and fees will vary depending on your itinerary and the sectors for which your baggage has been checked in.

Applicable Currency and Fees

Depending on your itinerary and the segments of your checked-in baggage, the fee applied or the currency used for excess baggage charges may vary depending on the airport at which payment was made.

Currency details:

  • When paying in the US: The USD amount applies.
  • When paying in Canada: The CAD amount applies.
  • When paying in Japan: The JPY amount applies.
  • When paying in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Russia: The EUR amount applies.
  • When paying in the UK: The EUR amount applies, converted to GBP
  • When paying anywhere else: The USD amount applies, converted to the currency of the country of departure.
  • Note: Different rules may apply for itineraries which are subject to U.S./Canada laws and regulations.

Fees differ depending on the route.

  • Area 1: North America, South and Central America, Hawaii
  • Area 2: Europe, Africa, Middle East
  • Area 3: Asia (including Japan), Oceania


  • Items that exceed 292 cm or weigh over 45 kg are not accepted as checked baggage.
  • Depending on the route or aircraft type, baggage may not be accepted for check-in even if its total linear dimensions fall below 292 cm due to limited cargo space.

In the event that two or more restrictions are exceeded:

  • If two or more criteria (such as baggage number and baggage weight or baggage weight and size) are exceeded, then the sum of all individual excess charges shall apply.
    • Excess baggage charge example: If a passenger is flying from Narita to Honolulu in Economy with three baggage items (all of which are 23 kg/50 pounds or less with total linear dimensions of 158 cm/62 inches or less).

Baggage charges exceeding the permitted amount:

  • Two pieces weighing 23kg or less are permitted during check-in at no additional charge.
  • An excess baggage service charge of JPY 20,000 will be applied if three pieces of baggage are checked in.
    • An additional JPY 20,000 will be applied if the baggage piece exceeds the permitted size dimensions (158 cm or less), for a total charge of JPY 40,000.
  • Depending on your itinerary and the segments of your checked-in baggage, the fee applied or the currency used for excess baggage charges may vary depending on the airport. For more details, please see Applicable Currency and Fees above.

Check out other examples here.

Unaccompanied Minors Traveling Alone

  • When passengers who are 5-11 years of age travel alone, the applicable fares are the same as adult fares—there is no additional charge for ANA's services.
  • Reservations for children traveling alone cannot be made online through ANA SKY WEB.
  • Please contact the ANA Customer Service Center for details.

Pet Charges

We provide assistance for passengers traveling with a pet. Your pet will be carried in the cargo section, which is located underneath the passenger cabin. Advance reservation is required and is not accepted online. When checking in your pet, the fee is not included in the free baggage allowance and the following service fee will apply. (The fee will be calculated into the departing country/region's currency at the time of check-in.)

In the below chart, Area 1 includes North America, Latin America and Hawaii. Area 2 includes Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Lastly, area 3 is Asia (including Japan) and Oceania.

Price Per Cage

Sectors operating across two of the areas above
Example: United States - Japan

Sectors operating within one of the areas

Example: Flights to and from Japan (excluding Japan domestic trips)

Japan domestic sectors
JPY 40,000 / USD 400 / CAD 400 / EUR 300

JPY 25,000 / USD 250 / CAD 250 / EUR 200

JPY 5,000
(Consumption tax may also be applied)

If you still have questions, check out our International Flight Pet Policy.

Paid Lounge Access

Customers can pay to use the ANA Lounges for international flights at Narita, Haneda, and Honolulu (Daniel K. Inouye International) airports. Note: The ANA SUITE LOUNGE is not eligible for paid access. These lounges provide a variety of services, including beverages and Wi-Fi.

Eligibility ANA website (application in advance) Airport counter (on day of use)
Airports Narita/Honolulu Airport * Narita/Haneda Airport

ANA-operated international flights departing from Narita or Honolulu Airport

  • Limited to NH flight numbers.
  • Excludes codeshare flights with other airlines.
ANA-operated international flights departing from Narita or Haneda Airport

Tickets issued by ANA (excluding purchases made on the Mexico site)

  • This offer is not available when using award tickets.
  • Ticket numbers starting with 205.
Booking Classes Y/B/M/U/H/Q/V/W/S Y/B/M/U/H/Q/V/W/S/L/K/X
Application Period From ticket purchase until no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Until boarding begins
  • * If you have already applied for Paid Lounge Access at Haneda Airport, you will still be able to use this service. However, if you change your reserved flight, you will not be able to make another application for Paid Lounge access at Haneda Airport.
  • * Lounge usage eligibility will differ depending on member status (e.g., Premium members) and boarding class.

The service fees and payment methods accepted differ depending on how you book the service. You can use our airport lounges for less by booking in advance via the ANA website.

Details ANA website (application in advance) Airport counter (on day of use)

Charges per person

(tax included)

Narita/Haneda: JPY 4,000

Honolulu: USD 40

  • Price is the same for adults and children. Infants accompanying adults can access lounges free of charge.

Narita/Haneda: JPY 6,000

(unavailable at Honolulu Airport)

Payment method

Credit card or PayPal

  • Alipay and China UnionPay cards can be used on the China site.
  • Paypal not available on the China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia sites.

Credit Card

Cash (Japanese Yen only)

Application method

Please apply from the Reservation Completed screen after purchasing your ticket on the ANA website.

Customers who already have a reservation should apply from the Reservation Details screen.

  • You cannot apply if you are not eligible for Paid Lounge Access, the time at which you wish to apply falls outside the application period, or the maximum number of applications have already been received.
Please apply at the check-in counter, the ticketing counter, or at the lounges at Narita or Haneda Airport.

For more details, please visit Paid Lounge Access.

Full Economy Class

If you’re flying Economy Class on an ANA-operated flights and the flight is booked on the day of departure, we may ask for volunteers among passengers holding tickets on ANA Economy class fares (includes ANA International Flight Awards) to board on Business class for an additional payment of the following upgrade surcharge. Please note that miles will be accrued based on the ticket class.


  • From North America (including Hawaii, but excluding Canada) to Japan: USD 450.00
  • From Japan to North America (including Hawaii and Canada) and Europe: JPY 50,000

Get additional details on upgrade surcharges.

ANA Wi-Fi Service Fees

With our in-flight internet service, you can access the internet, use email and stay connected through social network sites using your smartphone, tablet or other devices with wireless capability. Various plans are available to suit your needs.

Fees for all flights operated with B777-300ER or B767-300ER (202 seat configuration)

  • 30-minute plan: USD 4.95 for 15MB limit
  • One-hour plan: USD 8.95 for 30MB limit
  • Full flight plan: USD 19.95 for 100MB limit

Fees for all flights operating on B787-10, B787-9, A320neo aircraft and certain flights operated by a B787-8 (with 240 seats) aircraft

  • 30-minute plan: USD 6.95 for 15MB limit
  • One-hour plan: USD 16.95 for 30MB limit
  • Full flight plan (max of 24 hours): USD 21.95 for 100MB limit

Learn more about the Wi-Fi options available to you here.

Paid Exclusive Dining for International Flights

You can select Paid Exclusive Dining meals (Japanese/Western cuisine) when traveling in Premium Economy or Economy Class on international departures from Japan. Desserts are provided in collaboration with PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS. Enjoy your time onboard with delicious meals, full of carefully-chosen ingredients.

Eligible Customers

Customers traveling in Premium Economy or Economy Class on ANA-operated flights departing from Japan for Europe/North America (excluding Honolulu).

Eligible Tickets

Tickets with a ticket number beginning with 205

Applicable Classes (Booking Class)


Note: This service is not available on flights where only a light meal and drink are served after takeoff (e.g., late-night flights).


  • Each meal is JPY 2,500.
  • Charges will be converted into the currency used on the website for the country or region where the request was made.
  • Charges are the same for adult and child passengers.

To learn more about in-flight meals, please visit our Meals page.