Guidance for Damaged, Lost and Left-Behind Items

On this page, you will find information on what to do if checked baggage has been damaged, baggage has been lost, or if you have left items behind.

What to Do if Your Baggage Is Damaged

We handle passengers' checked baggage with great care, but sometimes bad weather or facility-related conditions can lead to baggage damage. ANA will sincerely work to resolve the situation.


Declaration Upon Arrival

If you notice damage upon arrival, please report it to ANA airport staff immediately.

Declaration After You Have Left the Airport

If you notice damage after you have left the airport, please contact the arrival airport using Airport Contact Information above. You will need to fill out the Damaged Baggage Declaration Form and send it by fax or mail to the address provided.

Deadline for Declaration

In accordance with the Conditions of Carriage for International Passengers and Baggage, a declaration of damage must be made no later than seven days from the day following the day on which the baggage was picked up.

Please note that we may not be able to address such issues if the deadline has passed.


As a general rule, baggage that qualifies for compensation will be subject to repair. However, depending on the degree of damage and time factors, an alternative to repair may be offered.

  • Please be aware that repairs may take some time due to parts being out of stock or similar.
  • Please note that disclaimers may apply and some cases may not be eligible for compensation.


  • We will handle your baggage with great care. However, please be aware that ANA cannot be held liable for any damage occurring to fragile items, including musical instruments, sporting equipment (surfboards, windsurfing equipment, scuba diving gear, bicycles, etc.), cameras, electronic devices such as personal computers, precision instruments, works of art or antiques, ceramics, glassware, or alcohol, if and to the extent that the damage results from an inherent defect or characteristic of the item in question.
  • ANA will not be liable for any damage or loss that results from normal wear and tear in the course of normal handling. This includes: damage as a result of overweighting or over-packing; damage caused by defects in the baggage itself; loss or damage to protruding parts such as detachable wheels/straps/hooks/name tags/belts; tire wear; minor damage such as scratches/scuffs/dents/cuts/dirt.
  • ANA will not be liable for damage caused by the US Transportation Security Administration or other countries' safety inspection authorities.


If you notice the damage to your baggage while still at the airport, the airport staff will inform you about the procedures.

If you notice damage to your baggage when you have already left the airport and you arrived on an ANA-operated flight:

  • If it is within seven days from the day following the day of baggage pickup, and it is a case that is eligible for compensation according to the above disclaimers, please contact the arrival airport and the airport staff will inform you about the procedures.
  • If it is on the eighth day or later from the day following the day of baggage pickup, or it is a case that is not eligible for compensation, no compensation will be provided.

If you notice the damage after arriving on a flight not operated by ANA, please inquire with the airline on which you arrived.

What to Do if Your Baggage Is Missing

We handle passengers' checked baggage with great care, but there may be times when your baggage does not reach its destination. We sincerely apologize to these passengers; we will work hard to resolve the situation.

If you do not find your bag at the arrival airport, please contact ANA airport staff immediately. (See Airport Contact Information above.) We will locate it and deliver it to you, in cooperation with other airlines, as soon as possible.

Baggage Tracing

When you report your missing items, we will give you a reference number and search for your items using the joint baggage search system shared by airline companies. We will contact you every day to update you on the search.

You also can check the current status yourself by entering your reference number at the Baggage Tracing System website.

  • This service is provided only in English.
  • Only passengers on ANA Group-operated flights (ANA/Air Japan) may use this system.
  • If you connected to a flight of another airline after taking an ANA flight and your baggage did not arrive at the final destination, you should contact the airline you boarded last (the operating airline in the event of a codeshare flight).

Baggage Return

We will clear customs on your behalf and deliver your found baggage to your designated location.

Contents Declaration

To expedite the search for your items, you may be asked to provide details about the contents of the baggage. We may ask you to fill out a Missing Property Questionnaire. This constitutes important information which will be used for reference when issuing compensation.


In the rare event that your baggage is not found, ANA will issue compensation 30 to 45 days after your arrival in accordance with the International Conditions of Carriage.

Baggage Forgotten, Wrong Baggage Picked Up, Left-Behind Items

After arrival, each passenger must pick up their checked baggage at baggage claim by confirming the numbers on the baggage claim tags.

If you leave the airport without picking up your baggage or with someone else's baggage by mistake, please contact the arrival airport immediately. (See Airport Contact Information above.)

This information applies to airports within Japan. If you arrived at an airport outside Japan, please inquire with the arrival airport, as procedures may vary depending on the airport.

Left-Behind Baggage

Retrieving left-behind baggage requires that the baggage clear Customs. You have two options for achieving this:

Return to the Airport to Clear Customs Yourself

If you are clearing customs by yourself (for urgent cases), please contact the arrival airport and return to the airport with your passport. An ANA staff member will show you the way to the Customs office. Your baggage will clear customs in your attendance and the baggage will then be returned to you.

Use an Agent to Clear Customs for You

ANA can act as your agent in passing through Customs, if desired, but be aware that this requires several days.

Required Documents

  • A copy of your passport (the photograph page and the page stamped at the time of entry into the country).
    • Note: We may not be able to handle your request if the copy is not sufficiently clear.
  • A completed Customs Clearance Application/Authorization Letter.
    • Only the original authorization letter will be accepted; no copies.
    • Please bring required documents directly to the airport, or send them by postal mail.

Pickup by a customs agent can typically be performed the day your documentation is received. ANA will contact you regarding delivery times. In principle, customers will be responsible for any shipping charges. Your baggage will be delivered to a place of your choosing with payment due on delivery.

  • If you notice after arriving on a flight not operated by ANA that you left your baggage behind, please inquire with the airline on which you arrived.

Other Left-Behind Items

Items left in the aircraft cabin will be stored at the arrival airport for a period of time. If you have left something behind, please contact the arrival airport. (See Airport Contact Information above.)

If we find the item, we will deliver it to you promptly. Please note at you will be asked to pay delivery costs.

Items found in an airport facility and not in the cabin may be stored by the airport managing company or at a police station. Please contact the airport to inquire about your item.

Airport Contact Information

Here, you will find information for contacting arrival airports in the case of damaged, lost or left-behind items.