Customers Requiring a Stretcher

Customers Requiring a Stretcher

This page provides information about using a stretcher for customers who need to lie down during the entire flight including takeoff and landing due to an illness, injury, or other condition.

japan domestic flights
international flights

The icons named Japan Domestic or International indicate differences in service for Japan domestic and international flights. Content not marked with an icon applies to both, Japan domestic and international flights.


A stretcher is available for customers who cannot sit upright and need to lie down during the entire flight including takeoff and landing due to an illness, injury, or other condition.

When using a stretcher, belts will hold the customer facing upward throughout the entire flight.

The stretcher is separated by a curtain. However, for safety reasons, the curtains may be opened during taxi, takeoff, landing.

Stretcher Size

  • Length: Approx. 180cm
  • Width: Approx. 40cm
  • Height: Approx. 96cm

Application Deadline

To reserve a stretcher, please contact the ANA Disability Desk at least 48 hours prior to departure for Japan domestic flights, and 96 hours for international flights.

Please inform us about your preferred flight. We will consider your request and contact you at a later date. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request due to maintenance-related reasons as required seats need to be available also on the flights operated by the relevant aircraft before and after your flight. Also, a stretcher may not be used on certain aircraft types.

japan domestic flights

48 hours prior to departure

international flights

96 hours prior to departure

Stretcher Surcharge

A stretcher surcharge is required besides the applicable fare for the customer. Please inquire about the stretcher surcharge upon reservation.


A passenger using a stretcher must be escorted by a physician, nurse ,or a person approved by a physician.

An escort is required to provide assistance at the airport, during boarding, during the flight, during disembarkation, and in case of emergency evacuation.
Cabin attendants are not able to provide assistance with personal care(*), please make sure to have an escort to assist you.
You are requested to provide your own supplies for assistance.

  • * "Personal care" means
    Eating, drinking, use of restrooms (including putting on and taking off clothes), etc.
Necessary Arrangements

Customers are asked to prepare the following.

You will be asked to provide information in advance for customs, immigration, and quarantine procedures. (International flights only)

We recommend customers who are going to use a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or an artificial respirator on board to prepare batteries for a time equivalent to 150% of the expected flight time.

The electric power outlets of aircraft seats do not provide a stable flow of electric power. Since medical equipment which may affect the customer’s health condition is not allowed to be used with the electric power outlet of aircraft seats, please prepare sufficient batteries.

Codeshare Flights

japan domestic flights

Available on ANA and Oriental Air Bridge-operated flights

international flights

Available on ANA-operated flights


Please arrive early at the airport in order to have leave enough time for necessary procedures.

Approximate Time of Arrival to the Airport

japan domestic flights

60 minutes prior to the departure time

international flights

120 minutes prior to the departure time


If you have requested assistance for disembarkation, please remain seated until our staff comes to your seat to escort you off the aircraft. Our staff will escort you to the arrival lobby or to the person meeting you for pickup. Please feel free to ask. Please request this service upon making your reservation or contact the ANA Disability Desk to request it instead.


Frequently asked questions about Customers Requiring a Stretcher

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ANA Disability Desk.