Online Check-In

Online Check-in for International Flights

Online check-in allows those who have reserved seats and completed the required information to check into their flight from 24 hours prior to departure.

During this process, you can confirm or change seats and get a boarding pass. Remember, you can reserve your seat and enter required information any time after you’ve made a flight reservation.

  • This service may be unavailable for some passengers traveling with infants, or on certain routes. If you have multiple connecting flights, check-in goes in the order of your flights.

Online Check-in Process

You will receive a check-in notification email 24 hours prior to your flight’s departure time. Passengers flying to/from the USA must also register their immigration information.

  • Passengers who have already made a seat reservation can also change their seat at this step. Seat requests are fulfilled based on availability.
  • For international itineraries that involve a connection from a Japan domestic flight, online check-in is only available 24 hours prior to departure of the international flight—even in cases where a check-in reminder email is received 24 hours prior to the domestic flight.
  • When traveling on multiple flights, check-in must be performed in same order as the flights.

Search for your reservation information, then enter your passport or email address to reserve your seat on the reservation details screen.

Booking Information Details

Reservation Number

ANA reservation numbers contain six alphanumeric characters.

If you did not book your reservation through ANA (by using a travel agency, for example), the reservation number may be different. Please request an ANA reservation number through the issuing agency.

E-ticket number on booking information details page

E-Ticket Number

Your e-ticket number is 13 digits long and begins with 205.

Your Name

If a middle name is shown on your ticket, enter your first name followed (with no space) by your middle name in the "First name" field. For example, if the name on your ticket is John Scott Doe, you would enter it like this:

First Name: JOHNSCOTT Last Name: DOE

  • If any of your name includes a space, you need to add that space.

If your reservation cannot be confirmed or you have questions, please contact the office where you booked your reservation.

Please reserve your seat at least 48 hours prior to the departure of your international flight. If you miss the 48-hour cut-off time, you will be able to reserve your seat on the online check-in screen from 24 hours prior to departure.

This service may be unavailable for some passengers traveling with infants or on certain routes. Please see the information on eligible passengers and routes for details.

On Arrival at the Airport

Have your printed or mobile boarding pass with you. Check bags at least 60 minutes before your flight and be sure to get to your boarding gate at least 30 minutes ahead of departure.

Upgrade Information

Passengers Who Have Upgraded:

Check-in will be available for the higher boarding class.

Passengers Waitlisted for an Upgrade:

Passengers who have upgraded before the departure date can check in for the higher boarding class. Those not upgraded yet will be checked in for the boarding class on their purchased ticket.

  • Please check upgrade availability at the airport counter, as seats may become available on the departure date.

Passengers Using Upgrade Points on the Departure Date:

Please inquire at the airport counter. We recommend that upgrades be reserved in advance whenever possible.

  • Conditions apply when using Upgrade Points on the departure date.

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