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Yokote Masuda Manga Art Museum

The largest collection in Japan of original art: Japan's first manga museum in Yokote, Akita Prefecture

Manga has become one of Japan’s great cultural assets. The Yokote Masuda Manga Art Museum is a full-fledged museum focusing on manga. It exhibits original art drawn by prominent manga artists from Japan and overseas. The museum has the largest collection of original art in Japan with more than 230,000 drawings. It includes a corner that introduces manga culture and a cafe with a manga-themed menu. The museum conveys the beauty and attraction of manga to the world.

Permanent exhibition room makes you truly feel the existence and constant flow of art

One characteristic of the Yokote Masuda Manga Art Museum is the amount of effort put into the conservation and exhibition of treasured original drawings. Through the great power and beauty that the original artworks possess, and the energy the artists have poured into their work, the appeal of the manga is conveyed to the world. The permanent exhibition room displays original masterpieces and famous scenes, allowing visitors to feel the essence of the works up close. From artworks created by over 100 artists, those of 74 people are selected and displayed in rotation regularly. Whenever you visit, you will have a new experience and encounter new art.

Active storehouse stores precious original art

Masuda, where the Manga Art Museum is located, is one of the Nationally-selected Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings, featuring a townscape of rows of merchant houses with inner storehouses. The storehouse containing original art is a modern structure created in the image of these storehouses. The concept guiding the Manga-no-Kura (Manga warehouse) in the Manga Art Museum is this storage of captivating works. Visitors can watch the archival work through glass windows, and get up close and feel the presence of original art. High-resolution digital photos of the original art can be seen on the large touch panel, allowing the museum’s catalog to be searched and viewed, thereby enabling visitors to take a close look at the different expressive techniques used in each picture, such as delicate pen strokes or touches of a drawing.

Museum shop features a huge manga wall and offers a wide range of the museum's merchandise

When you pass through the entrance, you will see numerous famous scenes fill the entire wall approximately 10 meters high and 7 meters wide. The huge Manga Wall, full of Japanese masterpieces including artworks by Takao Yaguchi and other Akita artists, welcomes visitors with its overwhelming power. In the museum shop underneath, visitors can buy an array of unique museum merchandise to cherish the memory of their visit, including prints.


Name Yokote Masuda Manga Art Museum
Web Sites https://www.akitafan.com/en/archive/tourism/534
Address 285 Masuda Shinmachi, Masuda-machi, Yokote-shi, Akita
Access From Jumonji Station on the JR Ou Main Line, take a bus and get off at Kuranoeki bus stop and walk approximately 10 minutes
Business Hours 10:00 to 18:00 (Last admission: 17:30)
Closed Third Tuesday of the month (If it is a national holiday, then the following day.)
Inquiries TEL: 0182-45-5569
Admission Free for permanent exhibitions (Fees required for special exhibitions)

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