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Enjoy Dining at Its Finest

From quality ingredients to expertly crafted recipes, our food and beverages satisfy your taste for distinctive dining.

And if you need a special meal, for children or for your special dietary needs, we've got that, too.

Dining pleasure presented by THE CONNOISSEURS

To ANA, a "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate. The carefully curated menus on our international and domestic flights are thoughtfully presented by our internationally renowned team of chefs, opening new frontiers in the art of dining from 10,000 meters in the air. Enjoy the finest cuisine, only with ANA.


Japanese Cuisine

Photo of Toru Okuda

Specialty: Japanese Cuisine

Born in 1969 in Shizuoak Prefecture, Toru's philosophy is to express the natural flavor of ingredients to make the most of the rich blessings of the season, creating cuisine that makes diners feel comfortable in body and mind. He opened Ginza Kojyu in 2003, then Ginza Okuda in 2011. At the age of 37, he obtained a three-star Michelin rating. He's an energetic chef with Japanese restaurants in Ginza, Paris and New York.

Photo of Hirokazu Tomisawa

Specialty: Japanese Cuisine

Hirokazu hails from Yamagata Prefecture. He gained extensive experience in the Kanto and Kansai regions, and currently works as an executive chef at Yoshimura. He also works as a teacher and head director in different organizations, contributing to the development of the culinary field. He was named Tokyo Meister, and has won the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner's Award. In 2017, he received the "Contemporary Master Craftsman (Gendai no Meiko)" Prize from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Photo of Hiroyuki Kurosu

Specialty: Japanese Cuisine

Hiroyuki is from Niigata Prefecture. In 2007, he began serving as the Japanese executive chef at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, and in January 2012, he opened Kagurazaka Kurosu. His appreciation of orthodox Japanese cuisine is seen in his love of fusing delicate, contemporary plating with traditional cooking methods, as well as his use of ceramics and porcelain, which are important elements in composing the taste of Japanese cuisine.

Photo of Shinji Ishida

Specialty: Japanese Cuisine

Shinji is from Tokushima Prefecture. After studying for 15 years at a restaurant in Tokushima, he trained for five years at a Japanese restaurant in Ginza. When that restaurant opened in Paris, he participated in the launch. He shares a vision of the future with Mr. Yasuhide Tobita, a sommelier and sake sommelier who he spent a lot of time with in France. Together, they opened Nogizaka-Shin in June 2016.

Photo of Tomiya Hirota

Specialty: Japanese Cuisine

Tomiya is from Tokushima Prefecture. His restaurant, Ginza Hyakuraku, is a hidden gem in Ginza, loved by many famous people. The restaurant welcomes customers with hospitality, serving delicately crafted kaiseki cuisine that uses ingredients from Tokushima in Shikoku, and all over Japan, tailored to the colors of the season.

Photo of Yoshihiro Takahashi

Specialty: Japanese Cuisine

About 400 years ago, A long-established store that is said to have started as a refreshment stop "Nanzenji Mongai Matsubayashi Teahouse" in Nanzenji temple in Kyoto. We survived the selection of the times many times. We continue to evolve slowly while protecting tradition and Noren with flexible attitude according to the flow of time and changes in food culture. In March 2018, we opened a Kappou-style restaurant in Tokyo.

French Cuisine

Photo of Ryuta Iizuka

Specialty: French Cuisine

After having studied under Mr. Joel Robuchon, Ryuta is now the owner and chef at Restaurant Ryuzu. He hopes you enjoy his cuisine from the heart, carefully tailored with the utmost respect for each ingredient.

Photo of Alexandre Gauthier

Specialty: French Cuisine

Alexandre is the owner and chef of La Grenouillère, a restaurant in the north of France that's surrounded by nature and known as a place people would like to visit at least once in their life. His attractive, painting-like, artistic meals have earned him invitations to events throughout Europe, America and Asia.

Photo of Hideki Takayama

Specialty: French Cuisine

"THE LANDIS TAIPEI Paris 1930 de Hideki Takayama" creates dishes that combine Japanese aesthetic art,Taiwanese tea and Taiwanese local ingredients. Please enjoy French cuisine presented by Hideki Takayama, who won the 2014 and 2018 The Asia-Pacific Bocuse d'Or qualifying contest.

Fusion Cuisine

Photo of Masayasu Yonemura

Specialty: Fusion

Masayasu Yonemura is the owner of the restaurant Yonemura, and his creativity as a chef has seen him being invited abroad numerous times to demonstrate his astonishing skills. Although his unique cuisine has its roots in the old capital city of Kyoto, it transcends the traditional borders of Japan and the West to deliver ever-changing flavors.


Photo of Pierre Hermé

Specialty: Patisserie

Praised as the "Picasso of the patisserie world," Pierre was awarded The World's Best Pastry Chef from the World's 50 Best Restaurant Academy. His creations are acclaimed by sweets lovers around the world, and he hopes you enjoy his creative world of taste, sensibility and delight.

Wine / Japanese sake

Photo of Olivier Poussier

He has served as a sommelier at Paris' famous "La Tour d'Argent", British five-star hotel "The Connaught", Parisian three-star restaurant "Pavillon Ledoyen", among others. In 1989, he was selected as France's Best Sommelier. In 2000, he won the World's Best Sommelier Award at the Best Sommelier of the World Contest, Montreal Competition. Currently, he runs a wine consultancy company.

Photo of Satoru Mori

In October 2013, Satoru joined Conrad Tokyo as the Head Sommelier. In August 2016, he became their Executive Sommelier. He won the 2008 All Japan Best Sommelier Concours and the 2009 Asia Oceania Best Sommelier Concours. Since February 2014, he has served as the General Manager of the Technical Research Department and as a Director at the Japan Sommelier Association. He is actively engaged in wine awareness activities and education for the next generation. In 2017, he received the Contemporary Master Craftsman (Gendai no Meiko) Prize from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Photo of Yasuyuki Kitahara

In addition to his knowledge of champagne and wine, Yasuyuki is an artisan and winner of the 4th World Sake Sommelier Competition in 2014. He expresses the taste and splendor of Japanese sake and authentic Shochu to the world.

ANA Chefs

Photo of Makoto Shimizu

Utilizing experience cultivated as a famous hotel head chef, Mr. Shimizu supervises the menu for international cuisine. As an ANA Executive Chef, he's gained new sensibilities through his interaction with French chefs in Japan and abroad. From traditional French to modern international cuisine, he continues to produce a wide range of menus.

Photo of Seigou Mori

After serving as a head chef at a high-class restaurant in Tokyo, he now serves as ANA's Japanese Cuisine Head Chef. He's developing menus every day to provide world-class Japanese food to the world via in-flight meals. He has a reputation for producing beautiful cuisine that makes the most of seasonal ingredients.

Photo of Noriaki Aida

After serving as pastry chef at Ginza Wako's Gourmet & Cake Shop, Mr. Aida became ANA's pastry chef. As a lecturer on confectionery, he teaches and nurtures pastry chefs throughout Japan, and creates many dessert lovers.

Examples of Meals Available from September to November

First Class

Japanese Cuisine

Located near Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto, Hyotei’s main branch is a centuries-old traditional Japanese restaurant that retains its original thatched roof design from its days as a teahouse. Beloved by those who eat there, Hyotei has maintained the traditions of Japanese cuisine, become intimately knowledgeable of ingredients and continues to slowly evolve in tune with the seasons. Known throughout the world, Hyotei receives customers who travel across the globe just to enjoy the seasonal flavors of Kyoto. Enjoy a taste of Hyotei's world-class hospitality in this menu's vibrant, fragrant offerings.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America and Europe (excluding late night flights)

ANA Original
ANA Chef (Western)

When you sink your knife into the duck prosciutto enveloped in a glossy ogyochi jelly, persimmon and mascarpone will appear from inside. Please enjoy it with an herb sauce. The caviar on the smoked scallops is combined with creamy yuba, and the broth and consommé jelly adds a light Japanese flavor. The main dish of wagyu fillet is grilled and served with plenty of potherb and a warm and sweet ponzu vinegar sauce.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America and Europe (excluding late night flights)

Business Class

Business Class Pre-Order Meal Service

Business Class passengers can pre-order their preferred meal. For Tokyo departures on certain routes, passengers can also choose collaboration menus served on other routes. Get the details on Pre-Order Meal Service.

ANA Original
ANA Chef (Japanese)

Please start your meal by enjoying this colorful appetizer. Mukago, or bulblets, are an autumn delicacy with a warm and soft texture.They are steamed with eggs and domyoji, a course rice flour, forming a stone wall shape. The small bowl of smoked salmon is served with refreshing five-colored vegetables flavored with vinegar. Both meat and fish feature in the warm main dish. Chicken meatballs with the crunchy and elegant texture of yagen cartilage are broiled in a sweet and spicy sauce. Push your chopsticks into the moon-like egg yolk to crack it and allow it to entwine with the sauce to create a mellow taste. The autumn white tilefish is grilled with the scent of yuzu.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to North America (excluding Honolulu), Europe, Mexico, Oceania (excluding some flights)

THE LANDIS TAIPEI Paris 1930 de Hideki Takayama
International Cuisine

Hideki Takayama manages the restaurant, THE LANDIS TAIPEI Paris 1930 de Hideki Takayama, which creates spectacular dishes by incorporating Taiwanese tea and local Taiwanese ingredients with a Japanese sense of aesthetics. The chef led the Japanese team to win the Asia-Pacific Selection 2014 and 2018 for the international Bocuse d'Or competition known as the "culinary olympics." Enjoy French cuisine as only a Japanese chef could create with the dishes of Mr. Takayama.

Applicable Routes: Routes from Narita/Haneda to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia (excluding late night flights), India

Pierre Hermé Paris
Pierre Hermé Paris Desserts

The Mont Blanc-style dessert glass, inspired by “Ispahan,” is a harmony of rose, lychee and framboise. Sink your spoon down into the glass and scoop all the layers out together. Together with the melt-in-your-mouth marron cream, the flavors of “Ispahan” will stimulate your five senses, creating a sweetness that makes your tastebuds rise to the heavens.

Applicable Routes: Routes From Narita/Haneda to North America, Mexico, Oceania and Asia (excluding some flights)


Sit back and relax on board with one of our beverages. ANA staff and external advisors carefully select each offering.

ANA's Premium Wine Selection

ANA's current wine selection was put together by ANA staff involved with on-board services and external advisor sommeliers.

Around 2,000 brands of wine from 15 countries were entered into the first round of selections for this lineup. Wines that passed an initial screening then went on to be marked at blind tastings in the final selection, and the entire selection process took around half a year. Wines that scored highly at the blind tastings by our wine selection team are served on board.

This lineup strikes an exquisite balance between the bold individuality of each wine, and features brands from a variety of wine-producing several regions including Japan in addition to European classics.

In both 2018 and 2019, our in-flight wine selection received many awards from the "Cellars in the Skies" and "Wines on the Wing" competitions.

We offer a range of meals that cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements to ensure that everyone's needs are met.

Our lineup includes not only allergen-free meals but also dietary meals, religious meals, meals for infants and small children, and more besides. Please do not hesitate to request the meal you require for a safe and comfortable flight.

Allergen Free Meals

Special Meals – Free from Allergens

Safety is the ANA Group's top priority for meal provision as well.

The allergen-free meals served on ANA Group-operated flights*1 are prepared by a company with many years of experience in handling allergen-free food items. None of these meals are prepared in ANA's kitchens.

*1.Excludes codeshare flights. Please consult the operating airline for codeshare flights, as their policy may differ.

Example meal

7 Allergen Free Meal

does not contain any of the 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, dairy products, eggs, peanuts, shrimp and crab)

28 Allergen Free Meal

does not contain 7 major allergens above and further 21 allergens (abalone, squid, salmon roe, orange, kiwifruit, beef, walnut, salmon, mackerel, soybean, poultry, banana, pork, matsutake mushroom, peach, yam, apple, gelatin, sesame and cashew nuts, almond)

* Please note that, as the 7 and 28 allergens are ingredients specified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we are unable to handle requests for meals free of other allergens.

There is the possibility, however, of ingesting small amounts of allergens through floating matter in the aircraft, and therefore passengers with allergies or other intolerance are advised to carry any medicine or shots (EpiPen, etc.) prescribed by their doctor on board, so as to be prepared to take care of themselves in case they experience an allergic reaction.

Furthermore, passengers with serious medical conditions are asked to consult their doctor prior to the flight, and to also consider preparing their own meals to carry on to the flight.

Baby and Child Meals

Baby Meal (BBML)

Example meal

This meal is for infants aged under 2 years old. Pre-weaning and post-weaning baby meals such as pureed foods and soup are included.

Child Meal (CHML)

Example meal

This meal is for children (ages 2-5). Meals include sandwiches and fruits, and are soft and easy to chew.

* Available for children occupying their own seat.

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal (VLML)

Example meal

This is a Vegetarian meal that does not use any meat products and fish. Please note that it contains eggs and/or dairy products.

Vegan Meal (VGML)

Example meal

Any meat products, fish, eggs, honey, or dairy products will not be used under any circumstances.

Vegetarian Raw Meal (RVML)

Example meal

This vegetarian option is prepared for passengers who only require raw fruits and vegetables. This meal does not contain the following; highly processed foods, additives/preservatives, cooked fruits and vegetables, animal products, and animal-derived ingredients.

Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML)

Example meal

This meal is for passengers who prefer oriental vegetarian option. It does not contain any animal products, animal-derived ingredients, eggs, or dairy products.

Religious Meals

Hindu Meal (HNML)

Example meal

This meal will be prepared in accordance with Hindu dietary laws. Beef, pork will not be served and ingredients will not contain alcohol. Mainly, boiled fish, chicken, mutton, seafood, rice, and fruits will be served.

Hindu/Asian Vegetarian Meal (AVML)

Example meal

This meal contains spicy vegetarian combinations which may include limited use of dairy products.Any meat products will not be used. In addition, fish, eggs, fowl or products with lard or gelatin will not be contained.

Muslim Meal (MOML)

Example meal

This meal will be prepared in accordance with the regulations and customs of Islam. It will not contain pork products, gelatin, alcohol, flavoring extracts made from alcohol, or seafood from species without scales or fins.

Kosher Meal (KSML)

Example meal

This meal is blessed and sealed according to Jewish kosher laws and customs. Meals will be served in a sealed package.

ANA does not provide Passover meals (which are made of unleavened products).

* Not available at some airports.

Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML)

Example meal

This meal is prepared in accordance with Jain doctrine.It does not contain meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or other animal products. In addition, it also does not contain root vegetables.

* Not available at some airports.

Dietary Meals

Diabetic Meal (DBML)

Example meal

This meal contains low-fat meat, high-fiber ingredients. For passengers wth diabetes.

Low Salt Meal (LSML)

Example meal

This meal is prepared with limited use of sodium.

Low Fat Meal (LFML)

Example meal

This meal contains limited fat and cholesterol. Low-fat meat and high-fiber ingredients will be offered.

Low Calorie Meal (LCML)

Example meal

This meal will be offered with less than 400 calories per meal which is designed to fit into a daily diet of less than 1200 calories.

Bland Meal (BLML)

Example meal

This meal is designed to be easy to digest for passengers with gastrointestinal ailments. It contains no strongly flavored or deep-fried foods, black pepper, chili powder or other items that cause gastric irritation.

Gluten Free Meal (GFML)

Example meal

This meal is designed for passengers on a gluten-free diet. No wheat, rye, oats, barley, triticale, kamut, spelt, flour, starch and semolina.

* Not suitable for those who are allergic to wheat flour.

* Please note that we cannot completely prevent risks of cross contamination during the production process.

Low Lactose meal (NLML)

Example meal

This meal is for those who require a lactose-restricted meal option. It does not contain any lactose ingredients, which includes dairy products.

* Not suitable for those who are allergic to milk products.

Fruit Platter Meal (FPML)

Example meal

This meal is for passengers who prefer a fruit-only meal option. The fruits are complete additive/preservatives-free.

Seafood meal (SFML)

Example meal

This meal is for passengers who prefer a seafood- based (fish/shellfish) option. It does not contain any meat products.

  • Sample image.
  • Please accept our apologies in the event that your meal selection is not available.
  • The meals above are made with the ingredients permissible for each SPML based on the QSAI (Quality & Safety Alliance Inflight Services) guideline.

Deadlines and Points of Contact for Applications

If you would like to request a special meal, please do so via the relevant channel by the applicable application deadline.

Where to Apply for Special Meals
Meal Type

Application Deadline
Prior to departure of ANA-operated flight

How to Apply
Allergen-free Meal

Up to 24 hours (Flights from Japan)
Up to 48 hours (Flights to Japan)

By phone
(Not available through the ANA website)

Special meals aside from the above Up to 24 hours

ANA website
By phone

  • Requested special meals may be cancelled upon changing your flight reservation. After completing your reservation change, please confirm the services for which you are registered.
  • Please note that it is not possible to change or cancel a special meal request less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • Only special meal requests for ANA-operated flights can be made through the ANA website. If the reservation includes flights that are operated by other airlines, please contact ANA by phone to make the request.
    If you purchased your ticket at a travel agency, please make requests through the travel agency.
  • Some meal options will not be available depending on the departure airport.
    • Vegetarian Jain Meal: Departures from Brussels, Ho Chi Minh City
    • Kosher Meal: Departures from India, Phnom Penh, Shenyang, Shenzhen
    • Seafood Meal: Departures from Phnom Penh

Book a Flight

Search/Book flights

Requests for special meals are to be made separately after booking your flight tickets. For more details please see How to apply.

Paid Exclusive Dining

  • This paid in-flight meal service that can be selected by passengers flying in Premium Economy or Economy Class on international departures from Japan.


This photo is a sample image. The menu varies according season, route, and aircraft.


Eligible Customers

Customers traveling in Premium Economy (excluding flights to Honolulu) or in Economy Class (excluding flights to Vladivostok) on ANA-operated flights departing Japan.

  • Not available on flights where only a light meal and drink are served after takeoff (such as late-night flights).
Eligible Tickets

Tickets with a ticket number beginning with 205

Applicable Booking Classes

G, E, N, R (excluding Honolulu routes)

Y, B, M, U, H, Q, V, W, S, L, K, X


Paid Exclusive Dining September to November 2021. (Menus are subject to change after December. Details will be announced on November 19, 2021.)

Narita and Haneda Departures
Appetizer Main Dishes Dessert
Chicken galantine with tuna and potato salad style Simmered alfonsino in soy-based sauce
ANA original beef hamburger steak with homemade demi-glace sauce
Dessert Depaysé
(Matcha green tea flavor cream, Azuki jelly seasoned with lime zest and ginger)


JPY 2,500 (about $23 USD) per meal

  • Charges will be converted into the currency used on the website for the country or region where the request was made.
  • Charges are the same for adult and child passengers.
Application/ Payment
How to Apply

You can request these special meal when making flight reservations on the ANA website.

The Apply button will not be displayed if you are not eligible for this service or if you try to apply outside of the application period.

  • We have a limited number of Paid Exclusive Dining meals, so there may be a case where we are unable to fulfill your request.
Application Period

From ticket purchase until 24 hours prior to departure

Payment Method
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Changes and Refunds

Changes can be made through the ANA website. Changes cannot be made at airport counters.

Deadline for Changes

Up to 24 hours prior to the departure of the relevant international flight.

When Changing Your Paid Exclusive Dining Meal for the Same Flight
Changing Between Japanese and Western Cuisine

Change the meal you have already requested to "Not registered." Then you will need to purchase your new preferred meal. You will receive a refund for the meal you initially purchased.

  • We will notify you by email when your refund has been processed. This may take one or two days.
Changing from a Paid Exclusive Dining Meal to a Regular In-Flight Meal

Change the meal you have already requested to "Not registered."

If the EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) you have already purchased is within its term of validity (one year from issuance) and the terms and conditions are satisfied, it can be used to make a Paid Exclusive Dining meal request for a different flight.

  • If you wish to use it for a different flight, please contact ANA no later than 24 hours prior to the relevant international flight.
  • EMD Search lets you search for the EMDs of the services you have paid for.
When Changing Your Itinerary/Booking Class or Upgrading

When you make changes itinerary or booking class changes, your original Paid Exclusive Dining meal purchase will be canceled.

This will also be the case when any change is made to a multi-flight itinerary, even if the change does not involve the flight for which the meal was requested.

In this instance, if you would still like a Paid Exclusive Dining meal, you must request it again.

When Requesting a Paid Dinning Exclusive Meal for Your New Flight

After you have purchased your new Paid Exclusive Dining meal, you will receive a refund for the meal you initially purchased.

  • We will notify you by email when your refund has been processed. This may take one or two days.
If You Choose Not to Request a Paid Exclusive Dining Meal for Your New Flight

If the EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) you have already purchased is within its term of validity (one year from issuance) and the terms and conditions are satisfied, it can be used to make a Paid Exclusive Dining meal request for a different flight.

  • If you wish to use it for a different flight, please contact ANA no later than 24 hours prior to the relevant international flight.
  • EMD Search lets you search for the EMDs of the services you have paid for.
When Upgrading

If you upgrade to Business Class, your Paid Exclusive Dining meal will be canceled and you will be served a Business Class in-flight meal. In this instance, please use the EMD for the Paid Dining Service on a subsequent itinerary within the term of validity (one year from issuance).

If you upgrade to Premium Economy, your Paid Exclusive Dining meal will be canceled and you will be served an Economy Class in-flight meal. In this instance, if you would still like a Paid Exclusive Dining meal after upgrading, you must make another request.

  • If you no longer require a Paid Exclusive Dining meal after upgrading, you will be able to use the EMD for this service on a subsequent itinerary within the term of validity (one year from issuance).
  • If you upgrade on your departure date, you will need to complete some procedures so that you can use the EMD for Paid Exclusive Dining on a subsequent itinerary. To do so, please speak with an ANA staff member at the airport.


Refunds are not available after purchase.

  • We may be unable to provide your requested meal in the event of a cancellation or delay, or if your flight is changed as a result. In this instance, you will be refunded the service fees you have paid. If you did not apply through ANA, please inquire with the location where you made the request.

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